Lambros Xerakias Winner Event #6 – No Limit Hold’em Single Rebuy at Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival


Lambros Xerakias

Heads up play didn’t last very long, and eventually Lambros triumphed over the strong play of Eric Gravel (2nd, $1,360) to take the trophy and the 1st place prize ($1,779).

When the final table came together Lambros was among the leaders – but then he eliminated 3 or 4 players in a row (and in a short period of time) to become the massive chip leader.

Following this, however, he was unfortunate to double up two opponents even though he was clearly ahead both times. Then the tourney settled in for a long session 4-handed. Eventually Dominic Dufour was eliminated, and the players continued for another two or three levels 3-handed.

Fabio Ribeiro was the next to go, but only after the players came to a very small deal for the prize money. The players agreed to take $100 from the 1st-place prize and $50 from the 2nd-place prize and add it to the prize money for 3rd – bringing the prize for 3rd up to $1,225 – which is what Fabio took home for his work today.


  • 9th place, Thomas Einfeldt, $210
  • 8th place, Tony Farcy, $280
  • 7th place, Pat Iannetta, $365
  • 6th place, Sylvain Marceau, $480
  • 5th place, Michaelangelo Collura, $625
  • 4th place, Dominic Dufour, $820
  • 3rd place, Fabio Ribeiro, $1,075



Event 6 was down to 10 and then 9 players relatively quickly once the bubble burst.

Playing on the final table are:

  • Seat 1: Michaelangelo Collura
  • Seat 2: Tony Farcy
  • Seat 3: Eric Gravel
  • Seat 4: Dominic Dufour
  • Seat 5: Sylvain Marceau
  • Seat 6: Pat Iannetta
  • Seat 7: Thomas Einfeldt
  • Seat 9: Lambros Xerakias
  • Seat 10: Fabio Ribeiro



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