Laak & Esfandiari Open $550 Deepstacks Results


The Laak & Esfandiari Open $550 Deepstacks concluded on Sunday at Playground Poker Club in Montreal. It was truly a fun set of events and the action packed weekend was not only shared by a packed poker club but also by loyal viewers watching their friends from home via a Live Stream feed courtesy of which showed the players at the feature table as well as a picture-in-picture view of the flop shot.

Loyal poker fans were very much excited to meet renowned poker pros and hosts for the weekend’s festivities Phil Laak, and  Antonio Esfandiari, both who provided the highlight of the weekend and living up to their nicknames. Phil aka the “Unabomber” had the task of shooting missiles in the form of little yellow balls onto a target that would release a stripped down Antonio into a dunk tank as part of a humiliation bet in front of the home crowd.

In subzero outdoor temperature, with a thin sheet of ice formed at the rim of the dunk tank, the brave “Magician” Antonio sat on the plank of the dunk tank, as if a remnant of the great escape artist Harry Houdini waiting to be lowered into one of his great escape tricks.  The paramedics were on standby prepared for the worse.

After a few misses, Phil Laak finally connected with one of his shots, releasing Antonio into the freezing water. After plunging like a polar bear, Antonio, true to his nickname, magically escaped the ice water within split seconds of getting dunked in front of adoring fans. The event was once again captured by

But back to business, from a starting field of 292 runners, the top 30 made it into the money. With five men left, *the last men left standing decided to make a chop based on chip sizes. At the time of the chop, it was Richard Lupovich who secured the highest payout. The five men then went on to play for the victory and for a $5,000 side pot with $3,500 going to the winner and $1,500 to the runner up.

Finally, the winner of the tournament was Said Nehme who defeated Marc-Andre Racine in heads up.

Here are the full results: (*payouts for top five are based on the chop).

Laak & Esfandiari Open $550 Deepstacks Results
Place Name  Prize
1 Said Nehme                    $30,000*
2 Marc-Andre Racine                    22,000*
3 Richard Lupovich                    16,000*
4 Saad Lakhassy                    12,000*
5 George Caragiorgas                      9,000*
6 Jason Mandanici-Turcot                      7,500
7 Jean-Francois Santerre                      6,000
8 John Pentefountas                      4,500
9 Eric Girard                      3,500
10 Christian Belanger                      3,000
11 Jeff Goss                      2,400
12 Philip Fauteux                      2,100
13 Sebastien Proulx                      1,800
14 Garry Antonio                      1,800
15 Carl Doyon                      1,800
16 Mathieu Sauriol                      1,500
17 Noy Ung                      1,500
18 Pierre Hubert                      1,500
19 Saad Lakhsassy                      1,300
20 David Glube                      1,300
21 Kyle Zechner                      1,300
22 Brian Doan                      1,200
23 David Hamel                      1,200
24 Martin Leclerc                      1,200
25 Bob Taylor                      1,100
26 Rodney Ramalho                      1,100
27 Richard Hardy                      1,100
28 Francis Dalpe                      1,000
29 Sebastien Soares                          960
30 Houssam Molhen                          960


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