Jonathan Duhamel’s WSOP Bracelet Found


Jonathan Duhamel's WSOP Bracelet FoundWe have just learned that Jonathan Duhamel`s stolen bracelet was found late on Wednesday night in a dumpster. The bracelet was only found by chance, it seems, as the dumpster was being hosed down following a street cleaning operation near the Ville-Marie tunnel in Montreal. An employee of Entretiens J.R. Villeneuve Inc. Reported it when he saw a shiny object covered in mud fall to his feet.

Following his discovery, he chose to inspect the bracelet and found that it was in fact WSOP winner Jonathan Duhamel`s missing bracelet.

The now 24 year old Duhamel was violently beaten in a home invasion last December. The coveted WSOP bracelet, his rolex watch and tens of thousands in cash were taken.

Duhamel`s agent has been contacted and he is expected to have his bracelet returned in short order.

Jonathan Duhamel's WSOP Bracelet Found


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