Jonathan Duhamel University Championship Recap & Gallery

Pascal Turcotte Won the 20k PCA Package in the University Championship

The Jonathan Duhamel Championship drew to a close last night with Pascal Turcotte from UQAM taking home the top prize: an all-inclusive 20k package entitling him to a seat in the 2011 PokerStars Carribean adventure. That’s certainly nothing to snuff at given the free buy-in. It seems that poker is a skill that can be taught – Pascal is good friends with Jonathan Duhamel who was on hand over the weekend.

While the tournament may have been smaller than others happening over this busy poker weekend in Montreal, nothing can match the atmosphere in the room filled with young college students. While there was certainly pressure to win the phenomenal 20k package on the line, the free buy-in led to some loose plays and tons of excitement – good luck all-in! When an all-in gets called, it’s certainly no secret. Friends and poker fans surround the table brimming with excitement, just waiting for the river to decide all-in’s fate.

Really, the best word to describe the third annual Montreal University Championship is fun. It feels like you’re playing a home game among friends. In fact, that’s almost exactly what’s happening, only Jonathan Duhamel there to join in on the action and there’s a 20k PCA package up for grabs. If you ever have the chance to qualify for this tourney, it comes highly recommended and we certainly can’t wait to see how the University Championship evolves next year!

For more information on the University Championship, check out Prince Poker.

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