John Campos Next Black Friday Indictee to Plead Guilty


Online payment processor and banker John Campos was the next man related to Black Friday to plead guilty yesterday. By pleading guilty to one misdemeanor charge, Campos can now look forward to avoiding a lengthy jail sentence.

Like fellow indictee Chad Elie, Campos was also scheduled to appear in court on April 9th and also struck a deal with the government to avoid a prison.

Campos was originally looking at up to 55 years in jail, but will now likely walk free as a result of his plea bargain.

Campos was a former vice-chairman of a Utah bank that allegedly accepted cash in return for handling illegal online gambling transactions.

The fact that federal prosecutors agreed to let Campos plead to a misdemeanor seems to indicate that they wanted to avoid a trial that could have had wide-reaching consequences and impacted the government’s case against the indicted founders of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Federal prosecutors in the Black Friday Case led by Assistant U.S. Attorney Arlo Devlin-Brown, have now secured guilty pleas from seven of the 11 individuals indicted as part of the government’s big online poker crackdown that was initiated one year ago.


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