Jason Jung Wins the Stampede Poker Tournament at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino



The Annual Stampede Poker Tournament took place at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino while the city celebrated the famous Calgary Stampede festivities. A total of 147 players divvied up the $1,100 buy-in for the main event on Saturday July 13 to create a prize pool just shy of $139,650. The winner of the event was Jason Jung of Korea who bagged the $40,000 top prize.

Below are the results of the tournament.

Stay tuned for the Summer Super Stack series taking place at the Deerfoot between August 6 to 17 with estimated $400,000 in guaranteed prizes.

2014 Stampede Poker Tournament Results

Place Finished Prize Player Name
1st $40,400 Jason Jung
2nd $28,200 Zhun Rui Chen
3rd $17,300 Hendrick Oosterhuis
4th $11,400 Drew MacGregor
5th $8,100 Stephen Dueck
6th $6,200 Norm Duchscher
7th $5,100 Stephane Bisson
8th $4,350 Mark Starratt
9th $3,700 Aleksander Stasiak
10th $3,200 James Crowshaw
11th $2,800 Thomas Lee
12th $2,500 Matt Westby
13th $2,300 Garrett Dansereau
14th $2,100 Bradley Bjarnason
15th $2,000 Jeff Lazala Babante


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