Interview with Richard Webb at COPC 2010


Ricahrd Weeb at COPC 2010How have you been doing here at the main 2010 COPC event so far?

Out here in Calgary we were heading queens into kings twice. It’s been a little bit of a tough go so far but hopefully in this event I’ve made it through day one so I’m hoping that it’s going to be okay. Looking forward to playing into day two! I think we’ve got 50 players left, so ready to go.

You’ve travelled a lot all across the map so you’re a good guy to ask this question to: what do you think of Calgary compared to Europe and all the other places that you’ve played in?

Because of the Canadian Poker Tour – I’ve been associated with them since 2006 – and 2009 I won the championship in the Dominican, 2010 I defended the Canadian championships. Part of my deal with the Canadian Poker Tour is they sponsor me for travel and buy-ins all over and they’re good enough to let me make a schedule. I get to travel to Europe usually 2 to 3 times a year now and As far as Canadian players go, they are ranked very high in the world. And I think the WSOP shows that when we have so many CDNS at the table. I think there in Calgary it’s probably some of your best players in Canada just based on the number of casinos and tournaments and so on.

You’ve had over $300,000 in cash finishes so far and you’re big on charity. Do you want to tell us a little more about that?

Yeah, that’s correct. I pick charities if I’m playing in Canada it’s in the city that I’m playing in and I always donate the money there. If I’m playing abroad then I try to donate it back to my home town. To date Regina, last year I had a good finish. BC so I gave to children’s hospital BC. In Regina I gave to halfway house for children. In my hometown I donated and built a handicapped playground for kids. So yeah, I’m a very fortunate person to be able to travel and to play poker all over the world. I have a business and company back home that my family and employees that my family and employees look after for me when I’m gone so I really believe in giving back; the least I can do. It’s karma too: good things happen to good people and so I hope it’ll follow me.

Young poker players look up to you as somewhat of an icon. Why do you think that is?

I guess just because of results. To win back to back tournaments both in the Canadian championships, that wasn’t the first time that’s happened. I did win back to back at the Blue Water championships, a big tournament in Ontario, and over a period of 3 years I won at over 4 events I won them 3 times. I guess just results obviously. Everyone looks at that and say you know…  And I try to be a good person at the tables, I try to be social, I try to make it fun. Sure I’m here to win but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a few laughs along the way.



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