Interview with Joanne Jost Senior Poker Manager PURE Canadian Gaming Casinos


Joanne-JostCanada Poker (C.P.) “Intro” – Hi this is Ryan Snyder, with I just caught up with Joanne Jost, on her fifteenth straight day of producing great tournaments here at the Western Canadian Poker Championships. We are here in the newly branded, Pure Poker Room. Let’s catch up with Joanne and see what she had to say.

CP – How many years have you been involved with poker in Edmonton?

Joanne Jost : Almost 19, it will be 19 in August.

CP  – So how did you get your start working in the poker rooms?

J.J. – Actually, if the truth be told I took the poker class just with a friend – she wanted to learn how to deal poker, and I had no desire. When I took the poker class, I failed miserably. And then just over time I obviously became a better dealer and just fell in love with the game, and the players and the whole environment. Ya know, I’m also a games manager.  So I can operate the entire casino, but I don’t like it. I am so comfortable in poker with these people that I just, ya know, I couldn’t imagine not being here for these events.

CP– What would you say is the best part about it?

J.J.- The best part? I would say watching the players and how they interact with each other and the, the community (Joanne gets a bit emotional) that they are. You know how they are passing money, they are buying each other in, they are sponsoring people. I just love watching their interaction and I love hearing their responses to what they liked about the event, what they didn’t like about the event. You know how we can make it better, and all of that.

Pure-Poker-Room-Doors-Casino-YellowheadCP – The satellites that were leading up these tournaments generated a lot of the prize pool, how much off the top of your head would you say?

J.J.- I would say probably about 15 % of the prize pool came from satellites but it’s something that we’ve just started doing, running a whole week of satellites before the events. Our numbers are great so we are definitely going to continue, and over time that’s just going to get better and better. You know, it might get up to 25 to 30 percent. So..

CP – Were you surprised with Argyll`s turnout for their super satellite?

J.J.- For their satellites? Yes. Extremely. Yep. It was shocking, it was awesome.

CP – So there are no more CPT events in the Pure Poker Rooms can you tell me anything about that?

J.J- Nope. Will not comment.

CP – Can you tell me more about the Pure Poker Room ?

J.J.- So the Pure Poker Room, the company is now Pure Canadian Gaming – we have a new look, the casinos are getting updated. We have new points programs, so over the next year, or two years, you’re going to start seeing more and more changes. We currently hold 57% of the market share in Edmonton – that’s up about 4 % from last year and we intend to keep it growing and growing. So whatever we can do, we’re going to do so it’s going to be the fine poker room of Edmonton, poker rooms.

CP – So who do you think is the best tournament player in Edmonton right now ?

J.J.- Allen Butkovic does well. There is a player named Gary Paris who does well on the smaller tournaments, he’s had quite a few cashes, he’s very good. The name that keeps coming up in all these events, time after time, if you go through and look at all the results is, we call him Cal X, its Cal Anderson. So I’d say he is definitely probably one of the better ones. One of my favorites, consistent, making cashes, yup.

CanadaPoker-pure-pokerCP – Last question Joanne, if you could play poker with anyone alive or dead today, who would it be ?

J.J.- Umm.. I’d have to play with Negreanu, I’d have to. I just think that would be a riot and he’s Canadian – it would have to be Negreanu.

CP – Right on, well on behalf of Canada Poker, thanks Joanne.

J.J.- Your welcome !

CP – “Recap” – We just heard from Joanne Jost, tournament director at the Yellowhead Casino here in Edmonton on the Western Canadian Poker Championships. Just to recap some of the things I talked to Joanne about after the interview was the poker boom in 2003. Joanne mentioned that poker was almost non-existent for a while and some of the card rooms in Edmonton were  held together by a limit $1-5 Stud game and a $3/$6/$12 Hold em game at best. Back when Hold em was pretty unknown. One of her friends asked her “When do you think this is going to end?” And Joanne said, “What are you talking about this isn’t going to end!”

She seen that boom coming and she knew poker would never die in Edmonton. So, definitely a heart felt interview from Joanne and thanks for listening everybody this has been Ryan Snyder with



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