Important Changes at Full Tilt Poker


Full Tilt Black Card VIP Program

Full Tilt Poker has released its new VIP Program, the Full Tilt Black Card, its answer to the PokerStars Supernova Elite program.

Those players who receive an average of 500 Full Tilt Points (FTP) or greater over a 100-day period will automatically be sent a Black Card in the mail. After a player receives their Black Card, they have to maintain the 500 FTP average and if the player drops below 500 FTPs, they have 50 days to get their average back up.Full-Tilt-Black-Card

Cardholders can benefit from various rewards, including double FTPs, entries into exclusive value added tournaments, preferential treatment at live tournament events qualified through Full Tilt. Players will also have access to the private shop called the Black Card Store where they can exchange Full Tilt Points for cash bonuses as well as limited-edition and luxury collectors’ items.

Changes to FTP Point Calculation method

Full Tilt Poker has also announced earlier this week that they have re-evaluated the way that players earn their FTP points. The site will no longer be using the dealt method of calculation but instead they will be using a weighted contribution calculation method.

Under the “Dealt Method” of points calculation, all of the rake paid from everyone at a table is considered in the calculation of points as long as players were dealt cards and whether a player paid rake or not, each player received equal credit for the pooled rake.

Under the “Weighted Contributed Method”, credit is instead given to players only for the portion of the hand they were actually involved in. Therefore, if the small blind folds, they only get credit for paying the small blind, and that portion of the points.

This change could be a positive one for the more active poker players or for those players who play a “loose” game by going in on more hands. For those players that use a strong poker strategy, who fold many hands while waiting for a strong hand to play such as in the case of players who multi-table, they are about to see a reduction in their Full Tilt Poker points.

Some speculate that the recent introduction of Rush Poker on Full Tilt had a lot to do with this policy change due to the ease of waiting for playable hands due to the speed of the game. In the past, all the tables where a player folded along the way to the one he actually played earned him points.

If you are interested in the Black Card Program sign up to Full Tilt today and earn a 100% Bonus up to $600. Just use click on the link or go to our Poker Deals page and follow instructions and you can also participate in a monthly $5,000 Freeroll at Full Tilt with just 1 FTP earned in the first month.


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