High Heels Poker Tour, Heads Up Entertainment To Present Women’s Tourneys In Canada


In a statement last week, the High Heels Poker Tour and Heads Up Entertainment announced that they have joined forces to bring one of the top “women’s only” tournament organizations to Canada for a series of events.

The partnership between the two companies looks to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Heads Up Entertainment is the owner and operator of the Canadian Poker Tour, which brings hundreds of events to different casinos across Canada, including the Canadian Open Poker Championships in British Columbia at the end of the year. Also a part of the Heads Up stable is Canadian Poker Player Magazine, which features the latest news from the Canadian poker world for readers in casinos and online.

The High Heels Poker Tour is coming off a particularly exciting first venture in Canada. In December, the High Heels Poker Tour made its first foray into the Great White North when they visited the Playground Poker Club in Montreal for a ladies’ tournament. 49 women showed up for the tournament, with notable names like Trishelle Cannatella, Jennifer ‘Jennicide’ Leigh and Valerie Ross taking part in the event. Leigh would go on to finish in fifth place in the event, which saw Josee Tremblay and Anne-Marie Angelil chop the first place prize money and play for the trophy, which Tremblay won.

The only downside to the announcement is that there are few details laid out by either side in the agreement. Their joint statement says that the partnership “is designed to promote well-structured events for the female marketplace, building on the successes of both brands and coming together to reintroduce a television model.” There are no details, however, on any dates or locations for some of the first tournaments in the partnership; instead, interested players are told to visit the respective websites for the High Heels Poker Tour and the Canadian Poker Tour.

A possible first date for a HHPT/Heads Up joint venture could be coming up as soon as the end of this month. At the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in Calgary, the next big event is scheduled for the CPT, featuring a varying array of buy ins. The 2012 Kickoff Poker Series and Super Bowl Poker Tournament will take place from January 26 through February 5 and, although there seems to be a full slate of action already available, it might be possible for them to squeeze in an HHPT tournament during that festival.

A second possibility comes a bit later, but would be a part of another excellent tournament schedule. The Casino Regina in (of course) Regina plays host to the Station Poker Classic from March 20-24 with several No Limit Hold’em events being played. This would also be an excellent location to put on a High Heels Poker Tour event.

Of course, the HHPT/Heads Up alliance could also go back to the Playground Poker Club, as it has already proven to put on excellent events, but it doesn’t seem that the Playground is a part of the Heads Up conglomeration of casino partners.

All in all, the joint venture between the High Heels Poker Tour and Heads Up Entertainment is another bright spot for Canadian poker and women’s poker as well. The promotion of the game towards women is something that the High Heels Poker Tour has done very well in every venue it has gone to in the United States and, through this partnership, should be able to push the women’s tournament poker agenda in Canada just as well.

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Earl Burton
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