High Heels Poker Tour Coming To Canada’s Playground Poker Club

High Heels Poker Tour

Although they make up half of the population, women haven’t been as eager to step to the tables in poker (it is estimated that females make up anywhere from three to five percent of the field in major events). With that in mind, there are a few “women-only” tournament organizations in existence that look to bring the game of poker to women. Early next month, Canada will host one of the best women-only poker tours in the industry with a stop at one of the preeminent poker outlets in the country.

It was announced this morning that the High Heels Poker Tour will be coming to the Playground Poker Club with their first ever Red Stiletto Event on the grounds of the poker club this Saturday (December 3). The High Heels Poker Tour has been in existence since 2007 and its founder, Lauren Failla, has driven the women-only tournament organization to become one of the top tours in the industry. Since its inception, the HHPT has swept across the United States with its events, but the Playground Poker Club tournament will be the first time that it has stepped “north of the border.”

The tournament will be a No Limit Hold’em freeze-out event that begins at 1PM, featuring a buy in of $125 that gets players 12,000 in starting chips (the maximum number of entrants is 100 plus alternates, according to the Playground website). For another $5 dealer “add on,” players will receive another 3000 in chips. Levels will move up every twenty minutes, with antes coming into play after the third level of action.

Playgroudn Poker ThumbnailWhile there will be poker to be played, the HHPT is also bringing in a special guest. Jeff “AceTenBomber” Burnett will be on hand to promote the HHPT and perhaps engage some of the ladies at the tables if they get knocked out of the HPPT tournament. Burnett, a Toronto native, has been an active part of the online and live poker worlds since 2006 and has been a part of many Canadian television poker productions. As a member of the Playground Players’ Club, Burnett would seem to be an excellent choice for hosting the HHPT event.

For the ladies who are looking to take part in the HHPT or Playground Poker Club offerings over the weekend, the HHPT points out a nice arrangement that the Playground has with a nearby hotel. The Crown Plaza Hotel, which is about fifteen minutes from the Playground, has a rate of $119 per night. The HHPT is suggesting that players learn more about that rate by contacting the Playground Poker Club.

The HHPT tournament is one of several events that will be taking place over the weekend at the Playground Poker Club. At 1:30PM, a $50 No Limit Deep Stack event will begin, capped at 100 players and alternates. Players will start with 25,000 in chips and, with an option of a $5 dealer “add on,” can boost the starting stack by another 5000 chips. The blinds for this tournament kick up every fifteen minutes.

Later in the evening on Saturday, a $50 (with one rebuy) No Limit tournament will take place at 7:30PM. Capped at 80 players plus alternates, the tournament also offers the optional $5 dealer “add on” which gives the players 3000 more chips to add to their 13K starting stack. The tournament features twenty minute blinds and should be an excellent way to cap a day of poker.

For more details on the Res Stiletto event for the first ever visit by the High Heels Poker Tour to Canada, visit highheelspokertour.com to learn more. For the complete list of activities at the Playground Poker Club, visit their website at playgroundpoker.ca.

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