Hacker Stole $12 Million In Virtual Poker Chips


Zynga-hacker-ashley mitchellMany of you Facebook users have probably already heard of Zynga Poker which is one of the largest poker networks in the world, with the exception that you can’t play for real money. However, like many other of the social network games, the hard core social network game fans can advance levels to receive special status by purchasing special virtual credits, so apparently there is an actual cash value to these credits.

According to a British newspaper, Ashley Mitchell, a 29 year old from England admitted accessing the system belonging to the Zynga Corporation and stealing 400 billion chips.

He then sold some of the virtual chips on the black market for £53,000 ($85,000 CAD). The chips would be sold to people who would then go on to sell them themselves.

If Zynga had sold them legitimately the value would have been $12 million.

The IT businessman appeared in court yesterday and admitted five counts relating to the hacking together with 41 other offences which he asked to be taken into consideration.

Mitchell already has a suspended sentence from 2008 when he was convicted of hacking into the local government website and altering his personal details.



(photo credit: South Devon Herald Express)


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