Guinness Certifies the World’s Longest Non-Stop Poker Tournament


guinness-book-of-world-recordThe Ironman Poker Challenge which took place at Delaware Park casino in 2012 has now been officially recognized as the “Longest Continuous Poker Tournament” by the Guinness World Record.

The tournament concluded at 12:36 a.m. on Monday, August 27, 2012, Delaware Park’s Ironman Poker Challenge concluded after 36 hours, 34 minutes and 11 seconds. It began Saturday, August 25, at noon and ran to completion without breaks. The tournament drew a total of 192 participants, three of whom were still playing when the thirty-six hour mark was eclipsed. Participants in the event competed for a prize pool of $100,608. The tournament champion, Peter Konas of the Czech Republic, won $27,160.

The entire Ironman Poker Challenge was recorded and also witnessed by Delaware Gaming Enforcement agents, who subsequently sent away all the documentation for approval by Guinness world record official. Delaware Park was then given a certificate officially acknowledging its achievement and commenting on the record, Senior VP of Slots & Marketing Andy Gomeringer, said:

“We are exceptionally proud to be the home of an event that has made world history. The Ironman Poker Challenge attracts outstanding and dedicated players, and we are very pleased that Guinness has recognized the stamina and caliber of our players and the Delaware Park staff that supports them.”


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