Greenwood Grinds to Runner-Up Finish in EPT Barcelona Super High Roller

Photo by Neil Stoddart EPT Barcelona


Canadian contingent was strong as the final nine players returned for day three action in the €50,000 buy in Super High Roller at European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona. Among the final nine were Canadian pros Timothy Adams, who came into the final table as the chip leader, Daniel Dvoress, and Sam Greenwood.

The start of day chip counts looked like this:



Player Name


Chip Count

1 Timothy Adams Canada 8,045,000
2 Fedor Holz Germany 4,970,000
3 Ahadpur Khangah Iran 3,670,000
4 Julian Stuer Germany 2,360,000
5 Sylvain Loosli France 2,120,000
6 Alexandros Kolonias Greece 1,385,000
7 Daniel Dvoress Canada 1,050,000
8 Sam Greenwood Canada 1,050,000
9 Erik Seidel USA 850,000


Timothy Adams

The event saw 102 entries, creating a prize pool of €4,897,530 with the winner receiving a whopping €1,300,300.

It didn’t take long for the action to heat up as on the fifth hand of the final table we saw a four-way all in between Ahadour Khangah, Erik Seidel, Julian Stuer, and Canada’s Greenwood.  Khangah started the hand with the most chips, meaning Stuer, Seidel, who was the shorterst stack, and Greenwood would all be at risk.

Greenwood held the best hand with :Kd :Kh.  Stuer and Seidel also had pairs with Stuer’s :Ts :Td and Seidel holding :9c :9s.  Khangah had one over card holding :As :5s.  The flop came :Qs :4h :Jh and Greenwood’s hand was still best with two cards to come.

The turn brought the :Js giving Khangah a flush draw, giving Greenwood a bit more of a sweat.

The river brought a brick for Greenwood, the :2h and Greenwood more than quadrupled up which moved him into second in chips to 4,690,000 and sent Seidel to the rail in ninth place for €137,700.  Stuer also survived as he won one of the side pots for a stack of 1,760,000.

A little later Greenwood delivered a knockout blow to Stuer on a blind on blind battle when Greenwood shoved from the small blind for Stuer’s remaining 535,000 in chips with :Ks :8s. Stuer called with :Qs :2c.

The flop gave Stuer a pair when it came :Ah :Qd :Js. But Greenwood still had plenty of outs.

The turn gave Greenwood more outs as the :6s was flipped over giving him a flush draw to go along with any ten or king.

The river was the :Kd to give Greenwood a better pair.

Six hands later produced a little civil battle on the felt when Greenwood and fellow Canadian Dvoress battled when Greenwood raised 250,000 from the under the gun position.  Dvoress was next to act and shoved all in for his remaining 1,640,000.  Greenwood called right away putting Dvoress at risk and was way out in front.

Greenwood: :Td :Th

Dvoress: :8h :8d

The board ran true for Greenwood coming out :9h :Qh :4d :5c :5d and catapulted Greenwood to the chip lead while knocking out Dvoress in seventh for €232,600.

Three hands later Fedor Holz won a coin flip against 2013 WSOP Main Event final tablist Sylvain Loosli to get us to five handed.

After the end of level break Greenwood increased his chip lead by sending the Iranian, Khangah to the rail in 5th place for €377,100. Greenwood shoved from the small blind with :As :7h.  Khangah called out of the big blind with :Kd :Jd.  Khangah took the lead on the flop when it came :4c :Tc :Jc.  The :Ah on the turn gave Greenwood the better pair. The river was the :8c which gave Greenwood the pot and pushed his chip count over 9,000,000.

Holz eliminated Alexandros Kolonias in fourth place ten hands later when his :9d :9s out flopped the :Kc :Kd of Kolonias. Kolonias exited in fourth for €467,700.

Canadians Adams and Greenwood would later clash when Greenwood raised to 400,000 on the button, Holz folded his small blind and Adams shoved for 5,315,000. Greenwood called without hesitation setting up an approximately 10,000,000 chip pot.

Greenwood: :Ac :Kc

Adams: :2d :2c

Adams, the start of day chip leader was now at risk in a race situation.  The flop brought :Ks :Qd :6c giving Greenwood the lead and putting Adams in rough shape needing to hit one of the remaining two’s in the deck.  The turn and river brought the :Qs and :Ts giving Greenwood the lock on the hand and eliminating Adams in 3rd place for €597,500.

Heads up action began in a virtual deadlock with Holz having 12,880,000 in chips and Greenwood two big blinds behind with 12,620,000.  Unfortunately for Greenwood, Holz could do no wrong and pulled away with the chip lead eventually having a 10:1 chip advantage before the following hand took place.

Greenwood shoved with 15 big blinds remaining with :6h :5h and was snapped by Holz with :Ad :Kh.  The flop paired Holz putting a stranglehold on the hand when it came :Kc :9d :7s. Greenwood was still alive as he needed an 8 to make a straight.

The turn brought the :4c, giving Greenwood some more outs as he has an open-ended straight draw and can now make a straight with any 8 or 5.

The four additional outs didn’t matter though as the :Qd fell on the river and Green who entered the day eight in chips was eliminated in 2nd place for €903,600.  Holz adds another trophy to his mantle and another €1,300,300 to his tournament earnings with his impressive performance.


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