German PokerStars Pros Suspended due to Banned Commercial


PokerStars Banned CommercialWe all love a good commercial but due to a contorversial commercial that was made in Germany, it appears as though the entire German Team PokerStars Team was suspended. This ad was apparantly made in Germany and has many, if not all, the PokerStars Team Germany Pros in it. On the PokerStars Team Pro website, Team Germany is no longer listed and there are no German Pros listed either anymore.

Click here and look through Team PokerStars and you will see that the German Team are no longer listed there.

On Sunday, it was asked to an unnamed German Pro who was playing on PokerStars why Team Germany was no longer listed, the response was “legal trouble I think”, it was then asked to the Pro “was it that wild TV commercial with the German Pros in it?”, and the response was “Yes”.

Perhaps this commercial was made without the authorization of PokerStars Management, who knows.

Banned PokerStars Commercial:



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