Fuyuki Ikura Winner of Playground Poker Spring Classic Event 1


Fuyuki-Ikura-Playground-PokerThere was an unscheduled pause a few hands after the tournament became a three-way affair. Deals were discussed, chip stacks were counted, and Playground rules for Event deals were calculated… and finally a deal was agreed to by all three players, who then continued to play for $2000 and the Event 1 bracelet.

Play continued for just a few hands until there was a three-way all in. Ricky Tang, first to act on the button raised all-in with . He was quickly called by Fuyuki Ikura in the small blind with … and then Nick-Real Seide in the big blind came along for the ride with .

The flop was about as definitive as you get: . Not only did Nick spike the J to beat Ricky’s AQ, but Fuyuki flopped the set to beat them both and scoop the entire pot. The and didn’t change anything and just like that the champion was crowned.

The final prizes were:

  • 1st place, Fuyuki Ikura, $28,643

  • 2nd place, Nick-Real Seide, $26,794
  • 3rd place, Ricky Tang, $23,395

Congratulations to Fuyuki Ikura, the winner of Event 1 of the 2013 Playground Poker Spring Classic!


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