Full Tilt Rush Poker App Pulled from Google Android Market


Full Tilt Poker Play Google AndroidIt was only a week earlier that the beta version for the Full Tilt Rush Poker mobile application was opened to the general public. Just days following the official launch, the application was withdrawn from the Google Android app store.

Full Tilt is not the first online poker software to enter the mobile gaming market, but the world’s second largest online poker room recognizes the potential to cater to mobile gaming customers on the go.

There are two very different statements that have been sent to the poker software users as to why the application has been pulled. Full Tilt Poker, who simply explained that technical development is underway: “Rush Poker Mobile is currently unavailable due to maintenance. While we are excited by the success of mobile software by Rush Poker, as the latter is still in beta testing stage, such technical updates are essential.”

However, a recently released rating system for Android apps could provide the real reason as to why the Full Tilt Poker software was pulled from the Android store, with the new guidelines stating that “real gambling is not allowed in the Android Market”.

“Applications to the theme of the game or that include simulated gambling money should be classified as “Teen” or more. The game is real money not allowed on the Android Market.”

Those poker players who have already downloaded the Full Tilt Poker Rush Poker Mobile application may still be able to use the software on their Android phone, but until the rules and regulations for the Android Market are reviewed, other players wishing to download the application will need to download it the application via the Full Tilt Poker website. If the application does get back on the Android app store, it will likely be a free money play version.

If you don’t have an account at Full Tilt Poker, click here and follow these simple instructions so you can download the Rush Poker Android app and benefit from a 100% up to $600 bonus and also be eligible to play in our special $5,000 freeroll for CanadaPoker.com members.


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