Full Tilt Poker Flipout Tournaments – The New Way to Play


Full tilt FlipoutFull Tilt Poker introduces Flipout Tournaments, a new way to play online tournament poker. Flipout Tournaments allow players to flip straight to the heart of the action, cutting out hours of pre-bubble play and getting players into the money fast.

fulltiltpoker-logo-Flipout Festival, running Friday, March 21st through Monday, March 24th. With a combined $25,000 in cash and prizes added to more than one hundred tournaments, flip through the bubble and into the money.

Players go all in automatically during the first round of a Flipout Tournament, bringing the initial round to a close in a matter of moments.The bubble then bursts with the winners from each table moving immediately into the next round where they are guaranteed a payout.

Without delay, the remaining players are reseated and the tournament continues with a standard betting structure.

The Flipout Tournament format ensures that the players who make it into the money do so faster than ever, with the top prizes still to play for, while those who bust out during the first round can move straight on to their next tournament. Standard tournament play means spending hours before you even get a glimpse of the money, and by the time the bubble bursts in hyper turbos, the blinds can often be incapacitating. Flipout Tournaments allow for plenty of play after a successful flip into the money.

“Full Tilt Poker is dedicated to the continual evolution of online poker to keep it fun, fresh and exciting; not just for our existing players, but also to help attract the generations coming up,” said Sarne Lightman, Full Tilt Poker’s Head of Marketing. “Flipouts are a game changer – literally unlike any other online poker tournament. Perfect for the time-poor player who wants to jump straight to the post-bubble action with a stack and blind levels that give them plenty of play.”

Full Tilt Poker is celebrating its latest addition with a four-day Flipout Festival, boasting $25,000 in added cash and prizes. The Festival kicks off Friday, March 21st and features 108 tournaments across 12 events; each event features a range of buy-ins, starting with a freeroll, and players can win added cash and prizes on top of their share of the prize money in every tournament.


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