French MPs Caught Playing Online Poker During Parliament


According to a British Newspaper and several other sources, French MP’s were caught playing online poker during debates in the National Assembly. Press photographers who were located on the balcony of the National Assembly in France caught ministers playing poker online, reading comics for adults, browsing clothing catalogs online or buying wine on their favourite websites.

WiFi is available in the National Assembly and use tablets regularly and photographs of iPad screens were taken by journalists sitting in the balconies above the debating chamber.

According to Socialist MP for Paris, Danièle Hoffmann, “It’s very practical. We’re totally up to date and will soon receive amendments directly online, which will be progress,” she told Le Parisien after admitting to reading the papers via her tablet.

Calls for the free WiFi to be switched off inside the National Assembly chambers followed. Such distractions are apparently tolerated by Claude Bartolone, the Assembly’s new Socialist speaker, who has declined to use the scrambling device installed by one of his conservative predecessors, Jean-Louis Debré.

Online poker was recently regulated in France but its existence is threatened by the very high rates of taxation.


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