Foxwoods Casino Final Table Update


We have our final table and everybody is guaranteed some money from here on in.

In Seat 1, Bernard Lee, the man responsible for putting this all together sits with 33,950 in chips. Rich Grygiel has Seat 2 with 13,100 and Ben Hopkins holds Seat 3 with 17,800. Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi has 23,800 in Seat 4. Mark Walsh in Seat 5 has 16,250 in chips while Matt “jarfish” Jarvis sits with the of the top chip count of 51,750.

Bill Raynor holds the chip lead going into the final table with Seat 8 and 64,000. 2010 WSOP Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel is in good shape with 37,000 and Anthony Palladino has Seat 10 and 30,750. Blinds are now 600/1200 with a 150 ante.

Matt and the Grinder countinue to battle it out as agreesively as the true 2010 final table, but Duhamel is not going to give them a walk, nor will the other hungry contenders looking for first place.

  • Mark Walsh finished 10th, collecting $500 for his great play in this freeroll.  Rich Grygiel was the next sent to the rail with his 9th place finish worth $500.  Next to go was Joseph Washington was eliminated by The “Grinder”, finishing 8th for $500.  Micheal would however be the next and last person at the $500 payout, trading spots this time, eliminated by Matt Jarvis in 7th. From here on in, the remaining players will make at least $1000.
  • Bernard Lee finds the bare felt, running out of chips for a 6th place finish worth $1000.
  • Jonathan Duhamel may still be the 2010 World Champion, but Ben Hopkins earned some bragging rights for taking him out at Foxwoods.  5th Place for $1000, but also losing a prop bet with the last man standing of the November Nine, Matt Jarvis.  Jonathan will now have to wear the jersey of Matt’s favorite team, the Vancouver Canucks, the number 8 and Jarvis on the back.  Duhamel will have to wear it during 3 events that both him and Matt play at this years World Series of Poker.
  • Anthony Palladino is the last player at the $1000 pay out level, eliminated in 4th.  Our 3rd place finisher, Bill Raynor, who entered the final table as chip leader, has found the end of the road this time, out in third for $2000.
  • Matt Jarvis and Ben Hopkins are now Heads Up.  Ben was one of the shortest stacks in the final ten, but is now ready to give Jarvis a run for his money, slightly ahead with 154,000 to Matt’s 146,000.

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