First Real Money Online Poker Site for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod


Switch-Poker-iphoneA new online poker room has launched this week for players who wish to play poker for real money on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Switch Poker, a browser based poker room, can be added very easily and is currently downloadable to the iDevices within the European Union or played via your web browser. Players can sit at six-handed tables to play No Limit Texas Hold ‘em.

Since the room is new, the features are very basic and the traffic is low for now, but it is still it is a cause for celebration for Apple users or for poker players who use the MAC system. With so many people on the go, poker players can use time wasted in transit to play on their iPhone or iPad.

Poker players can deposit using Moneybookers for the time being but more deposit methods will be available at future dates. Note the minimum cashout is € 50.

Switch Poker co-founder Conor McCarthy said the site was born from the reluctance of major poker sites to cater to mobile users. Here’s an excerpt from the Switch Poker blog:

“Was I the only one who wanted to be able to play poker on my phone? Surely there were others who wanted to fit in a few hands while sitting on the bus? After a full 3 years we were still left with nothing. The die-hards and technically skilled could just about get a game on their phone working using a complicated remote desktop setup, but the configuration involved and awful playability on offer would put the most level headed player on tilt before they even posted a blind. Even the release of the iPad, the ideal device for playing a game of poker on, did not induce the appearance any compatible real money poker sites.

Enough was enough. Having worked, lived and breathed in the poker industry for the last 5 years, I was lucky enough to know some of the best business intelligence people and developers in the area, and if the major sites are happy to leave their customers wanting, we would satiate the need for mobile poker for them. After some astonishing levels of interest from investors, Switch Poker was born.”

As the site grows, more variations of poker as well as multi-table tournaments and sit & go’s will be added into the poker room.

This is a big step for the mobile gambling industry.Switch-Poker-iPad-Apple

The room launched with a $10 Free Money promotion for the first 250 players but this cap was reached on Friday. Still if you are a MAC user, you may wish to try the software. Click here to try Switch Poker.


  1. Ant
    Beware of it’s looks like a big SCAM !!!
    1. This iPad poker room is powered by Anonymous person, not an registered company.
    2. Poker room has NO TRUST certificates at all. Such as real phone number or any other types of online certificates such as TRUSTe.
    3. The withdraw option doesn’t work since this poker room was lunched (lunched in October, 2010). It always shows an error such as “Oops. An error has occurred and we have been notified. If the problem persists please contact us”. However, you still can deposit money into, but you will not be able to withdraw back to your Moneybookers account.
    4. Looks like all tables full of automated robot players, because you may always see that there is at least one person is seating in each room for the same stakes in real money tables.
    Also, on money play table you will always find a user name “wot_u_got” at any time (it means this is not a real person).

    So, Beware of it’s looks like a big SCAM !!!


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