Fallsview Poker Classic $5,000 Event Results and Tournament Recap

Giuseppe Spano Winner of 2011 Fallsview Poker Classic $5,000 Event

The 2011 Fallsview Poker Classic $5,000 Event wrapped up on Tuesday evening at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls. The tournament had a total of 184 registered players contributing to a $$856,700 prize pool. 

At the end of the tournament it came down to a heads-up battle of the Giuseppes. In a spectacular final hand of heads-up play with chip counts close to even Giuseppe Spano in seat 1 with approximately $1.4 million chips versus Giuseppe Niro in seat 3 with approximately $1.3 million chips. Spano raises KK pre-flop and Niro calls with a pair of hearts. The flop comes 3,6,K of hearts. So Niro has flopped a flush and Spano has 3 Kings. Niro bets and Spano raises, Niro pushes all in with his flush. The turn comes a brick, so far it’s Niro’s game. Then comes a 3 on the river pairing the board giving Giuseppe Spano a Full House Kings and 3’s and the first place $5,000 main event trophy and cash prize of $312,000. Giuseppe Niro takes home 2nd place and $149,923. 

The tournament paid cash to the top 20 players, here is how they finished. 

Giuseppe Niro 2nd Place 2011 Fallsview Poker Classic $5,000 Event
Place Name Prize Amount
1 Giuseppe Spano $312,697
2 Giuseppe Niro $149,923
3 Bruce Seaquist $78,817
4 Van Binh Pham $53,116
5 Michele Giampaolo $43,692
6 Jorn Scholz $35,125
7 Jason James $28,271
8 Robert St-Pierre $22,274
9 Paulo Bastos $17,134
10 Kienhwee Goh $12,851
11 Quan Anh B $10,280
12 Thanh H T $10,280
13 Barry K $10,280
14 Carmen M $10,280
15 Steven P $10,280
16 Eric L $10,280
17 Eli C $10,280
18 Ryan De C $10,280
19 Richard W $10,280
20 Vincent B $10,280


The second annual Fallsview Poker Classic tournament has come to a close. By the time the three events wrapped up, 1,228 poker players participated for a shot at winning a piece of the $2.4 million in prize money. 

The Fallsview Casino Resort was the host of the only major poker tournament in Canada when it held World Poker Tour events for three straight years. But when the WPT and Fallsview parted ways two years ago, the casino decided to hold its own event. Last year saw capped fields of 300. This year, they put together a tournament floor with 60 tables and hosted one ot the largest tournament fields that Canada has ever seen, with 600 players capping out the first $1,000 buy-in event. Tournament director Tino Trinci said that they could have sold 1,000 seats for that first event if they had the table space. 

Three events made up the schedule for this 2011 Fallsview Poker Classic, $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000 No Limit Hold’em tournaments. The casino also ran some very large super satellites (side tournaments with entry to the big events as prizes) and those sold out as well. 

The tournament some big names in poker also. WSOP Bracelet winners Gavin Smith and Chris Bell along with WPT champion Mike Watson, and several other WPT champs. Last year Gavin won one of the events at the Fallsview Poker Class. 

The Fallsview Casino Resort has plans to expand the Fallsview Poker Classic to an even bigger size for next year, and rumours are surfacing of a major tour stop coming to Fallsview in 2011. 

Congratulations guys!!


  1. Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to make some corrections from the final hand. The action was on me first “Niro” and I had 9d4d – I raised to $45k and Spano re-raised me to $90k. I called. The flop came Ad Kd 2d. I bet out $160k, Spano raised to $320k, I re-raised all in and Spano called. I flopped a flush and he had Kc Kh for a set. The turn was a 3d and the river was a 3c.

    The highlight of the final table was when there were 3 people left and I flopped the straight flush. I was in the BB with 5h 3h – seat 10 raised to $35k with blinds of $8k and $16k, I completed the bet. The flop came 4h 6h 7h. I checked and seat 10 bet out, I called. The turn was a 9 and again I checked, seat 10 smirked at me and went all in. I stood up with both hands raised in the air and announced that I had the “ultimate nuts” with the straight flush. I went nuts as did the crowd.

    Thanks and regards,

    Giuseppe “Pino” Niro

    Online profile is “BigMonkeyAA”, however I’m not a big online player


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