Fall Bounty Poker Tournament at Casino New Brunswick September 19-21


Casino New Brunswick in Moncton will be hosting their Fall Bounty poker tournament.

The event will run for three days with two Day 1 starting days on Friday September 19th at 6PM and on Saturday September 20th at 1PM. The final will be played on Sunday where 25% of the field from the two starting days will return to play for the money.

The buy-in for this event is $250+$250+$50 (total $550) and as the name states, this is a bounty tournament and players will win $250 for every player they knock out of the tournament, so there will be many winners and lot’s of fun knocking people out.

Players will start with 10,000 chip stacks and the blind levels are 30 minutes.

Registration is open and you can reserve your place by calling (506) 861-4643.




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