Event #29 – $1000 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Championship Day 2 Canadian In The Money Finishers


As the largest single starting field in live poker history at more than 4,100 entrants, we figured it would take a separate page just to list off all of our aged 50 plus Canadian in the money finishers after the bubble burst on Day 2 ; the list is quite long and we extend our congratulations to them all!

We still have 4 in contention and they carry with them a chance to make Canadian poker history; we’ll get back to that after things play out, in the meantime here are the names, place finished, payouts and available provinces of origin of our Day 2 finishers…

*Day 3 Update:

Carolyn Tulloch

Innisfail’s Caroline Tullosh made the unofficial final table, finishing 10th for $37,672.

Clifton Green of Eckville went out in 14th for a cool $29,387 while local Calgary poker legend Frank Longinotti represented well with a 23rd place finish worth $18,353! Congratulations to our guys and gal!


Day 2 Payouts:

*55th to 63rd

  • 62nd Leon Chambers, Langley (BC), $7,876


*64th to 72nd

  • 65th Mitchell Hecht, North York (ON), $6,502


Clifton Green

*100th to 162nd

  • 134th Gordon Baryla, Vernon (BC), $3,269
  • 148th Patrick Maquire, Port Moody (ON), $3,269
  • 152nd Bruce Battistoni, Abbotsford (BC), $3,269
  • 157th Thomas Symonds, Waverley (NS), $3,269
  • 161st Richard Fearnely, Aurora (ON), $3,269


*163rd to 225th

  • 198th Peter Netherton, Sault Ste Marie (ON), $2,786


*226th to 288th

  • 226th Michael Lefrank, Toronto (ON), $2,415
  • 242nd Gary Conrad, Langley (BC), $2,415
  • 243rd John Hover, Lethbridge (AB), $2,415
  • 245th Robert Lausch, Estevan (SK), $2,415
  • 257th Daniel Oneill, Dundas (ON), $2,415
  • 270th Michael Brigante, Toronto (ON), $2,415


Frank Longinotti

*289th to 351st

  • 299th Ravinder Bedi, Richmond (BC), $2,118
  • 341st Mark Lofthouse, Vancouver (BC), $2,118


*352nd to 423rd

  • 363rd Mike Lisanti, Winnipeg (MB), $1,858
  • 367th Sharon Allen, North Vancouver (BC), $1,858
  • 383rd James Pronger, Dryden (ON), $1,858


Everybody returning on Day 3 will now be guaranteed at least $14,675. First place is $603,713 however, so there is a much higher mark to shoot for. Pay jumps get closer and closer together on Day 3, the next jump is getting very close for the final 33; once they hit 27, it will jump to $18,353, then again at 18th to 23,146.


William (Bill) Thomson

After that every 2 or 3 eliminations will be worth thousands more and just making the official final table of 9 is worth at least $48,669.

Good luck to our final 4 Alberta contenders still in contention for Day 3 of the 2012 $1,000 WSOP Seniors No Limit Hold’em; bring that bracelet home!

*Update: At the time of press, Calgary’s William (Bill) Thomson is still in contention, sitting in 5th with 7 players remaining; he is now guaranteed at least $83,332!


























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