EspaceJeux Poker Open for Real Money Play


Loto Quebec Espace Jeux OpenYesterday, December 1st, Loto-Quebec opened up real money play on their online gambling website. Registered users are able to play online poker against other players across Quebec and casino games such as blackjack, roulette, slots and other table games. Registered users are required to supply a valid credit card on file as a way for Loto-Quebec to verify that users are of legal age and to validate their personal address.

So far the response for the online poker has been promising for Loto-Quebec. At the writing of this article, there were approximately 1,600 players online spread across some 50 cash game tables of various table limits. Many of the poker players are playing low stakes which could mean that the players are either poker beginners or simply trying the software with little to risk or wagering any money won on freerolls.

The bad beat jackpot which started with $100,000 in seed money has already surpassed $103,000 and players have a chance to win it by playing on special Bad Beat Jackpot tables where they contribute something extra towards the jackpot prize pool.

Players can deposit online using their credit card and can set their loss limits up to $9,999 per week.

We found the registration process to be quite cumbersome but once you are in, the software is quite pleasing. Another advantage with a new network is that you can choose rare special nicknames that would otherwise not be available on more established poker networks.

It appears that the initial player liquidity is off to a good start, a problem often faced by fledgling online poker networks. In a month’s time, BCLC will be joining in the poker network through its website and this means more players. For players in those provinces it’s certainly worth a try.

Loto-Quebec is offering $10-$20 in free casino money to players who register to play.


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