Erik Cajelais is Chipleader Entering WPT Bay 101 Final Table


The World Poker Tour stop in San Jose, California for the Bay 101 Shooting Star has proven to be an exciting event after working down to the 6 person final table for Friday’s action. The last shooting star standing, Jonathan Duhamel, entering Day 3 seventh in chips finally got eliminated in 13th place for $25,620.

Erik entered Day 3 fifth in chips and has played a very focused game. He busted out Scott Baumstein, the chip leader entering Day 3, in 8th place, in a huge pot to claim the new chip lead. Here is the all important hand.

Cajelais vs. Baumstein

Level 21: 6,000-12,000, 2,000 ante

Scott Baumstein raises to 25,000 on the button and Erik Cajelais reraises to 70,000 out of the big blind. Baumstein calls and the flop comes :Jd :Td :7s. Cajelais bets 80,000 and Baumstein calls.

The turn brings the :Tc and Cajelais checks. Baumstein bets 120,000. Cajelais doesn’t waste any time pushing out a raise to 1,000,000 total, which is more than enough to put Baumstein all-in for his remaining 600,000 chips.

Baumstein is perplexed and takes several minutes to think through the hand. After some silence, Baumstein tells Cajelais, “There is just no way you have kings.”

Baumstein thinks a little longer, then adds, “There’s just no way you have a ten.”

After a good three or four minutes of thinking, Baumstein tells Cajelais, “Alright. I call.”

Cajelais shows :Ah :Th for trip tens and Baumstein shakes his head before revealing his hand, :Qh :Js for two pair, jacks and tens. A jack and only a jack on the river will save Baumstein.

The river brings the :3h  and Cajelais’ trips hold to give him the gigantic pot and send Baumstein to the rail.

Erik Cajelais – 2,700,000 (225 BBs)
Scott Baumstein – eliminated in eighth place ($64,000)


This would be Erik Cajelais’ 2nd televised WPT final table since competing in the Turks & Caicos Poker Classic in 2007 where he finished in 2nd place for $225,000. His biggest win at a WPT was at the 2006 Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic where he took 1st place in the $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em side event which paid him $405,230.

Cajelais’ last most recent cashes in a major poker tournament came at the 2012 PCA where he claimed a 3rd and 43rd place finish at PLO Turbo 8 Max and Main Event which paid him $38,020 and $37,500 respectively.

Erik is the most accomplished poker player sitting at the final table in terms of overall winnings and experience and he is sitting with the largest chip stack. Probably his two biggest adversaries are Andrew Badecker and Joe Serock, both of them with a lot of tournament experience and notable cashes under their belts, but luckily they are short stacked.

Cajelais is guaranteed to at least walk away today with $128,200 but he has played a very determined and focused game up to this point and has his eyes set on the bracelet.

Chip counts for the final table:

Name Chips
Erik Cajelais
Ubaid Habib 2274000
Moon Kim 2098000
Andrew Badecker 1040000
Joe Serock 952000
Joseph Elpayaa 908000

Payout structure looks like for the final table:















Play will resume this afternoon. Good Luck Erik!!

Shooting Star Jonathan Duhamel Eliminated in 13th place by Ubaid Habib


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