EPT Austria Update – Daniel Negreanu Chip Leader


The European Poker Tour kicked off in Vienna, Austria this week. Like we saw in London where this year’s EPT broke poker attendance records in the country, this year’s Vienna EPT attracted 587 players from 48 countries with a €5,300 buy-in, making it the richest poker tournament in Austria’s history.

There were a total of 11 Canadians who made it to the event but only 5 survived Day 1. They are Darus Suharto, Daniel Negreanu, Mark Radoja, Maxwell R. Greenwood, and Cory Joseph Winchar.

With 80 players remaining, all of whom have just made the bubble,  and entering into Day 3 tomorrowand Daniel Negreanu stands as the current chip leader with 893,000 chips and is nearly 200,000 chips ahead of the nearest rival.

The Canadian has made fun of his lack of EPT cashes yet is considered one of poker’s most respected and influential players. This would be only the second time he cashes in an EPT event, his first was at the EPT in London just last month. Yet surely he has topped an EPT field before? No, no he hasn’t. Go Daniel… Go Canada…

If you want to qualify for European Poker Tour events, probably your best bet is to do it through PokerStars and you could also qualify for special promos for Canadians.

Estimated Prize Pool is €2,935,000 and here is how the prize money will be awarded.

1st – € 700,000

2nd – € 470,000
3rd – € 265,000
4th – € 175,000
5th – € 140,000
6th – € 105,000
7th – € 76,000
8th – € 60,000

9th to 10th – € 44,000
11th to 12th – € 32,000
13th to 14th – € 26,000
15th to 16th – € 20,000

17th to 24th – € 16,000
25th to 32nd – € 13,500
33rd to 40th – € 11,500
41st to 48th – € 11,500

49th to 56th – € 9,500
57th to 64th – € 9,500
65th to 72nd – € 8,000
73rd to 80th – € 8,000


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