Edmonton Poker Classic Results


The 9th Annual Edmonton Poker Classic was recently hosted at Casino ABS Edmonton (Argyll), from August 28th to September 4th, encompassing 4 events plus several super satellites that built combined player prize pools of over $277,000; for those poker players curious to check out who scored big this time around, we have those results for you.

If you didn’t make out to the events in Edmonton this time around, it will be Casino Yellowhead hosting the next great series; the 12th Annual Canadian Poker Championships will run from October 2nd to the 9th.

You can find all the details on the upcoming tournaments, which are estimated to draw a combined $400,000 in prize pools, by checking out our preview: Upcoming Edmonton Poker Tournament Series~$700,000 Prize-Pools

Until then, here are the winners from the 9th Annual Edmonton Poker Classic. Congratulations to all the players who cashed and the top notch staff for yet another well received event!


1st Ryan Comely $12,200

August 30th Event #1 Buy-in $300

1st Ryan Comely $12,200

2nd Bashar Ramahi $7,200

3rd Patrick Snowden $4,600

4th Charles Christensen $3,400

5th John Andrekson $2,800

6th Murray Macaulay $2,300

7th Manjinder Sagoo $1,900

8th Mike Madson $1,600

9th Jim Dubeau $1,400

10th Peter Sarangelo $1,200

11th Deborah Reed $1,000

12th Leo Brouwer $900

13th Duc Nguyen $900

14th David Zoerb $800

15th Ion Buia $800


Total Prize Pool: $43,000 Total Entrants: 147


1st Jason Ross $28,000

September 1st & 2nd Event # 2 Buy-in $500

1st Jason Ross $28,000

2nd Naleen Narayan $20,000

3rd Cortland McJannet $15,000

4th Andrew Beliveau $10,000

5th Gary Terris $7,000

6th Valerie Ross $5,000

7th Tina Soeng $3,600

8th Jeremy Singleton $2,800

9th Cody Mckay $2,300

10th Ron Piazetski $1,800

11th Jerome Makonen $1,400

12th Matt Rogers $1,400

13th Devin Verstraelen $1,200

14th George Broumas $1,200

15th Morgan Gies $1,200

16th Kachun Yung $1,100

17th Greg Pelletier $1,100

18th Damien Minev $1,100

19th Nathan Tyndale $1,000

20th Merlin Landry $1,000

21st Cliff Green $1,000

22nd Jimmy Lee $1,000

23rd Thomas Troughton $975


Total Prize Pool: $110,175 Total Entries: 226


1st Place Winner John Chubb $30,000

September 3rd Event #3 Buy-in $1000

1st John Chubb $30,000

2nd Jeffrey Weiss $19,000

3rd Patrick Dohey $13,000

4th Randy Ashe $9,500

5th Patrick Gunraj $6,800

6th Patrick Snowden $5,500

7th Dean Walsh $4,300

8th Delilah Strayski $3,700

9th Dean Osadchuck $3,100

10th Ivan Kulusic $2,500

11th Ryan Comely $1,075


Total Prize Pool: $98,475 Total Entries: 101


1st Place Winner Benjamin Dhillon

September 4th, Event # 4 (Pot Limit OMAHA) $500

1st Benjamin Dhillon $10,500

2nd Joseph Herlein $6,500

3rd Jason Mackenzie $4,300

4th Ron Lauzon $2,500

5th Miklo Rivera $1,550


Total Prize Pool: $25,350 Total Entries: 52

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