Edmonton Casino Group Reacts to Player Opinion on Re-Entry


In what many tournament players will agree is the right decision, Casino Edmonton and Casino Yellowhead have announced that they will “no longer be allowing players multiple re-entries at any events with buy-ins of $200 or more”.

Players will be allowed only one re-entry in these events going forward. The decision was not one made lightly, but after considering all the repercussions; thought to be in the best interest of the playing community as a whole.

Senior Poker Manager Joanne Jost, who has been on hand with the entire tournament staff team for every major event explained;

“I feel that allowing unlimited re-entries by any single player in these tournaments is creating an adverse effect on the events and definitely has become a deciding factor for those players that either attend or whether or not they want to attend. Obviously casinos need to profit in order to continue hosting the events, but I believe by regaining a level playing field, more players will attend and ALL players will enjoy!”

The Edmonton ABS Casino group has always treated players well at their major events; trophies for winner to go with championship jewelry and a hearty meal have all been included at events in return for the administration fees collected.  It’s clear they are also paying attention to what players attending are asking for and what the majority would like to see in this particular situation.

The announcement is one that should be widely respected, one most players can agree with and that hopefully will add some “balance” going forward.  As a player, I applaud them on taking this position of putting quality ahead of profits on the priority list; popular opinion should reinforce that the Edmonton ABS group is making the best decision that can be made with this.  Their stance shows some real integrity and a sincere devotion to hosting a top notch competition at their major event championships; the bottom line as it’s never an easy decision for a business to turn away money.

Those of you that are also satisfied can stop reading here. The remainder of this discussion is dedicated to, in my own opinions, looking at just why this approach makes the most sense and can be found here:

Why True Freeze-outs No Longer Make Sense for Every Canadian Event

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Jon Harnish
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  1. I applaud Casino Edmonton and Casino Yellowhead in making this decision. Not only is it in the best interests of the playing community but also a reflection of responsible management. I have always felt that to allow someone who can afford to buyin multiple times affords them the opportunity to gain an advantage over someone who cannot afford multiple entries.
    We have seen this on a number of occassions and it again reflects a good management decision.
    I also believe there are some individuals who get caught up in the rivalry of trying to better other personalities who can not afford to get caught up in this practise and in some respects we are contibuting to irresponsible gaming practises.
    With the good response we are seeing the past 3 major events between Casino Edmonton and Casino Yellowhead, have you given an consideration to holding these major events on a more regular basis ie. once a month rotating between this 2 Casinos.
    Thanks for the great job and look forward to supporting your organization in the future.

    • Thanks Gordie that was very well put and I appreciate your thoughts and support! I hope others can re-think what we (casinos) have created. As far as more events well I have three all one month apart and as much as I enjoy them it is alot of work and need to really think about that one. There are so many events in Alberta that finding dates that don’t conflict with other casinos is difficult. I am however looking at adding something new that I think you will enjoy but you will have to wait until we are ready for the announcement……stay tuned!

  2. I am really happy to hear(along with a considerable number of others)that you and your casinos have taken a positive step in this direction.When it comes to tournaments Yellowhead & Abs are the center of attention right across Canada you are second to none and your hard work is appreciated by all trust me,Your class is really starting to show.Keep on Keeping on!!!

    • I like to hear all the comments good or bad and so far it’s all been positive so I am quite happy about that. As always Gary I respect your opinion, thoughts and suggestions. I will try to keep doing what I think is in the best interest of the game,the poker community and of course Casino ABS!


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