Edgewater Casino Spring UltraStack Series Results

The Edgewater Casino Spring UltraStack Series wrap up up from May 19th-27th 2012, hosting 4 events in beautiful Vancouver from May 19th-27th 2012. The poker tournament series consisted of 4 events, ranging from $300 all the way up to the $1,650 No Limit Hold’em Championship. Nearly $420,000 in player prize money was awarded during the inaugural Edgewater Casino “SUS”, with several players taking home some hefty 5-figure pay-days…

The $1,650 No Limit Hold’em SUS Main Event drew 77 entries for Day 1a and then another 100 on Day 1b. Of those players, a total of 99 stuck around and kept enough chips in front of them to advance to Day 2, however it was only in the cards for eighteen players to make the money and finals of Day 3. After some hard poker, Noah Vaillancourt emerged the victor, claiming the trophy and bragging rights for 2012. Here are all the final results:

Event #4 Spring UltraStack Series, $1,650 NLH Championship


Noah   Vaillancourt


2nd Madison   Bergeron $47,790*
3rd James Cermak $29,205
4th Shawn   Rohatensky $19,913
5th Jody   Lewchuck $16,594
6th AshKan   Razavi   $13,275
7th Ryan Hill $10,620
8th Braden   Hall $8,629
9th Vincent Abess $6,638
10th Marco   Pontillo $5,310
11th Chien Hsien Lee $5,310
12th Jeff Chu $5,310
13th Tam Tang $2,655
14th Jingtao   (Jackie) Chen $2,655
15th Amir   Khaziri $2,655
16th Justin   Mandir $2,655
17th Yang Guo $2,655
18th Thomas Popov $2,655

*Denotes 2-way deal and leaving $5000 and trophy to play for.

Total Entries: 177 Total Prize-Pool : $252,227


May 20th, Super UltraStack Series Event #1 $500 No Limit Hold-em

Harry Charalambous

1st Harry Charalambous $20,493

2nd    Tsunehisa Nishi       $13,365

3rd     Roneen Shaffer        $8,910

4th     Tim McIntyre       $7,128

5th     Arezki Belaidi      $5,792

6th     Se Seung Oh      $4,678

7th     Sam Panzica     $3,787

8th    Tim Kellof          $3,119

9th    Mark Wilson     $2,539

10th   Dave Kirkwood     $2,005

Total Entries: 198 Prize-Pool of $86,427


May 21st, Super UltraStack Event #2  $300 No Limit Hold’em Shoot Out

Brennan Hanson

1st    Brennan Hanson    $7,533*

2nd     Michael Niwinski $4,860*

3rd     Zengyong Lin $3,402*

4th     Tom Kato $2,552*

5th     Dave Mak $2,066*

6th     Victor Ma $1,519*

7th     Derek Shannon $547

8th    Brant Kostandoff $547

9th    Jonathan Hansmeyer $547

*Denotes 6-way deal ~ $3,600

Total Entries: 90 Prize-Pool: $23,571


May 22nd, Super Ultra Stack Event #3 $1000 Six-Max No Limit Hold’em

Stanislav Kriventsov

1st     Stanislav Kriventsov    $17,820*

2nd     Justin Mandair $11,732*

3rd     Chris “maxxscam” Back $8,910*

4th     Jason Mann $6,534

5th     Harry Charalambous $4,752

6th     Geoff MacDonald $3,416

7th     Stephen Nahim $2,376

8th     Sam Panzica $2,079


*Denotes 3 way deal reported; final three players agreed to a $16,000, $11,400 and $11,000 chop.


Total Entries: 66 Prize-Pool: $57,618










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