DoylesRoom Moves to Yatahay Network


Doylesroom-bigLast week, we wrote about DoylesRoom moving from the Cake Poker Network, though there was no official knowledge of which poker network Doyles Room was moving to. Some of the frontrunner poker networks were Merge, Bodog and Everleaf. However, it was none of the above. It was officially confirmed  that Doyles Room would be moving to the Yatahay Network, a long established though tiny poker network that is currently home of long time online poker True Poker.

In a press release, DoylesRoom noted that the move to the Yatahay Poker Network would allow players to have a “customized poker experience and deliver everything they want in a poker room.” To begin playing on the new software, users just need to update their DoylesRoom software. The Yatahay Poker Network, like the Cake Poker Network, takes action from the United States, so American players can continue to play after the switch.

Player accounts and balances will automatically move over to the Yatahay Poker Network as part of today’s transition. The option to download the client from DoylesRoom’s website had been unavailable for several days, leaving many to wonder where DoylesRoom was headed.

This is the fifth poker network that DoylesRoom has called its home. Let’s hope it meets the customers’ expectations. DoylesRoom is named after poker legend Doyle Brunson.

This is what Doyle’s issued a press release to affiliates:

Some big changes are happening at DoylesRoom and we’re excited that you’re going to be a part of them.

Today, we’re launching our brand new poker software. We’ve chosen to move to the Yatahay Poker Network. The new platform offers a completely new poker experience, and you’re going to appreciate all of the changes that are ahead.

First off, let me assure you that your players and all affiliate payments are safe. In fact, today’s announcement means that we’ll be able to bring all outstanding payments up to date.

For years, we’ve relied on other networks for promotions, tournaments, software options and more. While our players have enjoyed a great poker experience, we haven’t been able to offer our players exactly what we’ve dreamed about. That goes for promotions, software features and customer service experience.

With today’s move we’re able to further customize our promotions. We’re starting with our very own, supercharged $65k Race to the Top promotion that will launch in February and we’re building a schedule with $500k in guarantees monthly.

For our players, that means a more tailored poker experience with more rewarding promotions and incentives. For our affiliates, that means an easier time promoting a unique poker site with better value. The new DoylesRoom is built with integrity, honesty and security, and both players and affiliates are going to love it.

Players at Doyle’s should expect details from the room over the next few days as migration completes. We’ll update as events warrant.


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