Downtown Toronto Casino Project Not in the Cards


Toronto-Casino-MGMA story in the Toronto Star reported that the downtown Toronto casino project is likely not to gain the necessary approval. For a casino to be authorized, more than 50% of the 45 city councilors must vote in favour of the plan, but to date, 21 councillors have already expressed that they will definitely vote against it, not leaving much hope for the project. Only 7 councillors have shown clear support of the downtown Toronto casino alongside the Mayor. Many councillors are still undecided but many of them expected to also vote against it in the face of public anti-casino pressure.

Some well known gaming companies have expressed an interest to invest in the project including MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas Sands and Caesars.

A vote is expected for next month and if it fails, the prospect could move to other parts of Ontario.

Photo Credit: Toronto Sun



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