Delaware Considers International Player Pools


With 917,000 residents, Delaware is the 45th most populous state in the U.S. and many would say that it doesn’t stand a chance at a sustainable online gaming market. They would be right.

Delaware is a state you rarely hear about (Dela where??) though many companies in the United States are in fact incorporated there due to its low corporate tax rates and flexible laws.

Delaware was quick to approve internet gaming and seek to implement it later on this year.  In order to make it viable, Delaware will need to come to agreements with other states to ensure there is a broad enough player base to keep poker games active. In fact, not only is Delaware open to sharing liquidity with other states like Nevada, it is also considering international player pools as well. This would mean that residents of Delaware could legally play poker with players from certain countries in Europe, Canada or South America for example.

If Delaware opens up to international liquidity, we could see several things happening. 1. Large international online poker operators would surely be inclined to get a gambling license in Delaware as a logical entry point into the United States. 2. All those American poker players who were earning a living playing online, many of whom relocated away from the U.S. to countries such as Canada in order to continue their profession, may find themselves moving their residence a little closer to home. They would still have access to the international poker traffic they currently rely on. Granted Delaware may not be the most exciting place to live, it is still within close proximity to neighbouring states Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  3. Because Delaware borders with New Jersey, there could be much tension since New Jersey will want to protect its casinos so it may be unlikely that those two States reach a cooperation agreement to share liquidity.

Delaware’s State lottery issued a request for proposals looking for vendors to operate internet gaming. Contracts are expected to be awarded in by May and they could be online by the end of September.



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