Deerfoot Inn & Casino 2013 Kick Off & Super Bowl Series – $50k GTD for Event 1


The Deerfoot Inn & Casino poker room will be looking to “Kick Off” their 2013 line-up on January 24th, with an 8 event tournament series wrapping up on February 3rd with a $300 + $50 Super Bowl Spectacular that will include special prizes for those participating.

It seems they are also confident enough in player “good times” and attendance to put their money where their mouth is; Event 1, a $300 + $30 with 10,000 starting chips and half an hour levels will featured a $50,000 prize-pool guarantee! It’s been a long time (if ever) that an Alberta series has made this kind of commitment; either way it should be a winning situation for those that make the trip.

In addition, there are plenty of “bankroll” and super satellites on tap to ensure those looking for cheaper qualifying option have a way into some of the medium limit buy-in events on the schedule:

Thursday, January 24th & Friday the 25th at 7PM – $180 + $20 “Bankroll Satellite”

6,000 Chips, 20 minute levels. 1 in 7 wins $1,100 Tournament Dollars.

Sat, Jan 26th at 7PM – Re-buy/Add On – $90 + $10 with $50 re-buys and $50 add-on

Players start with 4,000 chips and receive 4,000 more when re-buying, while the add-on will be 6,000 chips. Blind levels will be 20 minutes in duration.

$1,100 tournament packages will be awarded based on final prize-pool.

Thursday, January 31st & Friday, February 1st at 7PM – $180 + $20 “Main Event Satellite”

6,000 Chips, 20 minute levels. 1 in 7 wins $1,100 Main Event seat; Thursday’s winners play 1a, Friday’s 1b.

Saturday, February 2nd at 7:00PM – $70 + $10 “Super Bowl Spectacular Satellite”

Players start with 5,000 chips, 20 minute levels & 1 in 6 wins entry into $350 Super Bowl Spectacular


2013 Deerfoot Inn & Casino Kick Off Series Schedule:

Event 1 – $300 + $30 NLH – $50,000 GTD – January 25th & 26th at 2PM – Day 1a and 1b.

Players start with 10,000 in tournament chips, featuring 30 minute levels and the top 10% each day advancing to the money and finals on Sunday, January 27th with a noon start.

Event 2 – $200 + $100 + $30 NLH “Super Bounty” – Sunday, January 27th at 2:00PM

Players start with 10,000 chips, 30 minute levels and receive a crisp $100 for each player they eliminate.

Event 3 – $200 + $20 NLH “Triple Chance” – Monday, January 28th at 7:00PM

This event has 30 minute blind levels with players receiving three “bullets”; there are 5,000 chips in each of three starting stacks per entry. You can take a few at once or try to run just one up and add the others later; it’s all up to you!

Event 4 – $200 + $20 No Limit Hold’em – Jan 29th, 7PM

Keeping things simple with 10,000 starting chips and 30 minute blind levels.

Event 5 – $300 + $30 Pot Limit Omaha – January 30, 7PM

4 cards instead of 2 always changes things up nicely, making for some action packed poker with 15,000 in starting stacks and 30 minute levels.

Event 6 – $400 + $50 “Mega Stack” – January 31st at 2PM

Players receive some extra play in this No Limit Hold’em, with generous starting stacks of 15,000 and longer 40 minute blind levels.

Event 7 – $1,000 + $100 No Limit Hold’em Main Event

February 1st (Fri) & 2nd (Sat) at 2PM – Day 1a and 1b

The true test of skill and championship event of the series, the $1,100 Main Event will separate the mighty from the meek with massive 25,000 starting stacks and 45 minute levels. The top 10% of each starting day will advance to the money and finals at noon on Sunday.

Event 8 – $300 + $50 “Super Bowl Spectacular” – 2PM

Special prizes and food will greet players on Sunday, February 3rd; with 10,000 in starting chips and 30 minute blind levels there is a little room for distraction while players take in the game and play some cards.

Those traveling in or wanting to stay close to the action can use hotel room discount promo code “GKICKOFF” for special poker rates. Groups of players or those planning on putting in some volume should also contact @CPTOnline on Twitter for their shot at special give-away nights!

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