Day 2 at the Four Aces Open – Final Table Highlights


We are live for Day 2 at the Four Aces Open in Montreal for where the field has been narrowed down to 33 players making their return today.

The prize pool is now official and the bubble will include the top 8 players.

Total prize pool is an impressive $167,500 and broken down as follows:

1 $50,250
2 $36,850
3 $25,125
4 $16,750
5 $13,400
6 $10,050
7 $8,375
8 $6,700


Advancing from  Day 1 are:

Mark Fitzpatrick 198,425
Marko 167,825
Noeung 167,600
Kevin McDonald 153,425
Mark “Poker Ho” Kroon 145,750
Jared Davis 139,450
Patrick P. 135,325
Jean-Pierre H. 125,650
Foto 125,050
Shane K. 120,150
Norman 118,850
Armen K. 117,000
Phil P. 105,425
Nick Blackburn “laughatthis” 97,325
Malcolm F 82,025
Vincent M. 79,650
Steve Toulch 63,400
Oliver 61,775
Allen P. 59,125
Ray Carter 56,575
Punisher 49,875
Sev 48,425
Spenser 48,175
Gauthier 44,850
Jonathan Duhamel 42,875
Dale P 41,275
Eugene G 33,625
“Fezman” 31,825
Thomas Russell 31,100
Steven St. 27,975
“dogballs” 27,900
Levon 23,900
Carlo N. 21,250

At the time of writing, 19 players remain on 3 tables, the blinds are at 1500/3000 and the average chip stack is $141,053. Hometown hero Jonathan Duhamel has been eliminated largely due to a couple of bad hands from the closing round of last night which caused a shortfall of 100,000 chips from his stack.

The current chip leader is Jared Davis with approximately $310,000 chips, more than double the average.

The winner will likely be decided tonight, but if needed, a Day 3 will be played tomorrow here at Four Aces Poker.

Game Updates:

At 5:20 PM Mark Kroon “POKER HO” takes a monster chip lead winning a Heads Up all-in hand with 3 Jacks pushing his stack to $600,000 chips.

At 6:15 PM final table is made. Ten players are remaining but only eight can make the cash. Mark Kroon is still chip leader.
Average stack $297,778.

Seat 1 Kevin Mc Donald
Seat 2 Tom Russell (Massachusetts), UB screen name “DAMADHATTER”
Seat 3 “Poker Ho” Mark Kroon
Seat 4 Vinny Moscati (New York), UB screen name “Airkid3”
Seat 5 Armen K. (Laval)
Seat 6 Mark Fitzpatrick (Point-Claire)
Seat 7 Shayne Khanna (Montreal)
Seat 8 Jean Gauthier (Terrebonne)
Seat 9 Malcolm Flett (New Brunswick)
Seat 10 Jared Davis

At 6:30 PM Jared Davis, who was an earlier chip leader today busts out.

At 7:16 PM from the small blind position Vinny goes all in pre-flop.

After a pause, Armen calls from the big blind in seat 5.
Showdown Vinny shows a pair of ladies :Qd :Qc and Armen shows :Ad :Kc
Flop :As :4h :Ts
Turn :2h
River  :8c

The New Yorker gets his queens beat by Aces to just miss the bubble.

Chip count at the Dinner Break:

Seat 1 Kevin McDonald          183,900  
Seat 2 Tom Russell          197,000  
Seat 3 “Poker Ho” Mark Kroon          804,400 Chip Leader
Seat 5 Armen          702,800  
Seat 6 Mark Fitzpatrick          299,100  
Seat 7 Shayne Khanna          113,700  
Seat 8 Jean Gauthier          272,400  
Seat 9 Malcolm Flett          242,600  

Back from the Break, blinds are at 5000/10000 and average stack is $335,000.

At 8:40 PM Kevin McDonald in the short stack goes all in with Ace 6 off suit.
Armen calls showing :Qh :Kh

The flop dealt :Qs :6d :3s  with :Ad coming on the turn.
Armen rivered a 3rd Queen sending Kevin McDonald home who finished the tournament in 8th position.

At 10:08 PM, with blinds at 6000/12000, Fitzpatrick raises all-in pre-flop. Poker Ho calls.

Showdown between the two Marks, Kroon shows Pocket Jacks :Jd :Jh and Fitzpatrick shows :As :Ts
Flop :Js :8c :Ks
Turn :6c
River :Tc

With trip jacks, Kroon “Hoed” down Mark Fitzpatrick who finished the tournament in 7th place.

At 10:45 PM Gauthier raises pre-flop to 40K. Shayne calls pre-flop.
The flop comes :Kc :Qd :Ac
Shayne checks and Gauthier bets the flop and Shayne calls.
The turn card is :8d
Gauthier checks on the turn.
River comes 7d: and Gauthier moves all in and Shayne calls.
The showdown: Gauthier :6c :Ah versus Shayne’s :Jc :Tc

Shayne wins with a straight against Gauthier’s Aces.
Jean Gauthier finishes in 6th place.  Five players remain, average stack is about $536K and Team UB Pro Poker Ho and Armen are neck and neck chip leaders.

At 11:07 PM Tom Russell, severely short stacked, after having stolen the blinds by going all-in on the last few hands, goes all-in and Malcolm Flett calls pre-flop.
Malcolm shows pocket rockets :As :Ad and Russell flips his jacks :Js :Jh.
Flop :2s :Qh :Qc
Turn :6c
River :4d
Malcolm Aces out Russell “DAMADHATTER” who finishes in 5th place.

At 11:32 PM it’s Malcolm versus the chip leader Armen.
Flop :2c :5h :Ac
Both players
Turn :9d
Both guys make a series of medium bets until now.
River :6c
After a very long pause by Armen, Malcolm takes command and pushes all-in.
It appears that a flush may be in play.
Malcolm shows :7c :Tc and Armen turns over :Td :Ah

In a twist of irony, after just having eliminated Russell with Aces, Malcolm loses to Aces.  Three players remain and Armen is in a commanding chip lead. Kroon 2nd and Shayne 3rd.

At 11:45 PM Poker Ho wins a big hand agains Armen to retake chip lead.
Pre-flop, Ho moves all-in. Armen calls.
Ho show’s :Ac :9c and Armen pocket queens :Qd :Qs
Flop :5d :9h :Ad
Turn :2c
River :9s
Poker Ho makes a comeback…   The blinds are 10000/20000.

At 12:30 AM still 3 players left. Approximate chip counts are Shayne 500K, Armen 900K and Poker Ho 1.4M. The next break is in 10 minutes.

At 12:55 AM at the break, still 3 players remain. New blinds are 15000/30000. Exact chip counts standing at Shayne 668,000, Armen 638,000 and Poker Ho 1,404,000. Play will resume in 2 minutes.

At 1:22 AM after a few hands being played since the break which were mostly plays against Kroon by Shayne and Armen who were stealing blinds, Armin makes an all-in play called by Kroon.
It was Armen with :As :8d versus Kroon’s :As :A5
FTR :Jc :Kd :6h :Qd :8h
Armen takes Kroon for about 280K in chips.

A few minutes later Armen taunts Kroon again with another all-in pre-flop.
After contemplating out loud for a few minutes, Kroon folds.

At 1:37 AM – showdown between Shayne and Armen.
Preflop all-in.
Shayne :9s :Ah versus Armen :Jh :Qd
FTR :2d :3c :As :6h :Kc
Shayne flops a pair of Aces, and yet another player is eliminated with a pair of Aces.
Armen, who has been extremely difficult to taunt and read all night, gave the final tablers a run for their money, but he finally got beat. Two players remain for heads-up.

At 1:50 AM we have a Winner!
It was All-in between Shayne and Kroon.
Shayne had :8d :9h and Poker Ho :Ah :Td
FTR :Js :5d :Qh :6d :5s
Kroon’s Ace held up for the Win.
Congratulations Mark!!!

Mark Kroon "Poker Ho" wins Four Aces Open


  1. […] Montreal played host to the Four Aces Open this past weekend and when the final table began a familiar name sat atop the leaderboard–Team UB’s Mark “P0ker H0″ Kroon. H0 grabbed the lead when he flopped a set of Jacks to take down a huge pot, a theme that would recur later in the night.Eight players cashed in the Four Aces Open and after the first player was bounced from the final table they were in the money with H0 still in first place with over 800K. H0 then bounced Mark Fitzpatrick when he again flopped a set of Jacks and dodged Fitzpatrick’s gutshot draw to pick up more chips and reduce the field to six.Those of you who have played with H0, or have watched him play, know that his style can be rather volatile. But this time around it was the other players who drove the action as H0 let his opponents go to war against each other and thin the field to three. A player listed as “Armen K.” held the chip lead and looked to send P0ker H0 to the rail with pocket Queens to H0′s . But H0 flopped an Ace and that card put him back in the chip lead.H0 held about half the chips in play, but Armen doubled through him once before Shayne Khanna dispatched Armen to set up the heads-up battle. And it would not last long, as P0ker H0 got it in with {Ah Td] to Shayne’s . An the best hand held up for a change, as the board helped neither player and H0′s Ace-high was good enough to win the Four Aces Open title! And here’s a shot of the winner (and the runner-up) posing after H0′s victory (photo courtesy of CanadaPoker): […]


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