Daniel Negreanu’s Email and Poker Accounts Hacked


It appears as though Daniel Negreanu’s email and poker account were both hacked while the Canadian Pro was in Australia playing in the Aussie Millions. Negreanu discovered this upon his return to the United States and according to his Twitter, an unknown perpetrator gained access to his email account.

“Important: Do NOT send me any emails, the account appears to have been hacked. Just landed in LA, nice news,” Negreanu wrote.

The incident later resulted in series of forum posts in a popular poker forum where there was talk about Negreanu’s PokerStars account having been compromised as well. Negreanu later confirmed this as well although a number of players who follow Negrenu’s poker game online had commented on a series of uncharacteristic plays made by Daniel on the high stakes tables online which cost close to $50,000 in losses in 400 hands.

Negreanu later confirmed that it was indeed someone else playing from the account, and the Team PokerStars Pro said that he has now been refunded the losses by PokerStars.

“I was on an airplane while this guy was joyriding my Stars account. He hacked me email and I got that back, still figuring out what happened. When I have all the details I’ll share when it makes sense to,” Negreanu wrote.

There is still no sign of what exactly happened or who was behind the hacking of the account, but he plans to have the case investigated until there are answers.

“Working on rectifying the hacking situation. I got my email account back. Now time to find the perpetrator,” was the latest update from him regarding this via Twitter.


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