Daniel Negreanu Shooting for Triple Crown of Poker


Day 3 of the European Poker Tour Vienna ended today and Canadian Daniel Negreanu held up after finishing Day 1 as chip leader and Day 2 a close second inDaniel-Negreanu-WPT-Vienna chips behind the Greek, Konstantinos Nanos. 

Now going into Day 4, Daniel will be sitting at the final table with a comfortable 5,070,000 chip stack and the Greek is trailing behind with 3,635,000. 

Negreanu gained his massive chip lead thanks in part to his hand of the night, trip sevens which came in back to back hands for him. 

The first hand around 9:00 PM CET against opponent from Denmark, Morten Erlandsen, AKA “pokergirl1”, who had just moved to the feature table and was eliminated on the first hand holding pocket aces.  The action folded around to Daniel Negreanu in the small blind who raised and then called when Erlandsen moved all-in for 646,000 from the big blind. 

Negreanu: :7c :7h
Erlandsen: :Ad :Ac 

The board came :9s :Jc :6s :7d :3c and Negreanu caught a seven on the turn knock out the Dane badly, just two spots short of an EPT final table. 

For the second hand in a row Daniel Negreanu has turned a third seven to help him win a big pot. This time it was against Michael Eiler from Germany, but  instead of busting someone out he regained the chip lead. 

In this hand, Negreanu raised pre-flop and was called by Eiler who was in the big blind. The flop came :8d :2d :8c. Eiler bet and Negreanu flat called. The turn came :7c and the German check called and again on when the river came :9s at which point Negreanu get bet a hefty 905,000 into the 1.2 million pot. Eiler called and Negreanu once again showed his pocket sevens :7s :7h for a turned full-house. These two hands helped secure Negreanu’s massive chip lead. 

Daniel already has 4 WSOP titles, 2 WPT titles and is only missing an EPT title to complete what is known as a Triple Crown in poker. Only fellow pros Roland de Wolfe and Gavin Griffin have ever achieved this. Daniel prospects of completing a Triple Crown got a massive boost today. 

 A first place payday of €700,000 ($994,000 CAD) would also push him ahead of Phil Ivey on the All Time Money List. Ivey is currently at around $13.6M and Negreanu only recently lost the top spot to Phil. 

 As the EPT Vienna 2010 is down to the final table of 8 players from the original 578 who started, with the with blinds at 25,000-50,000 and ante at 5,000, here is a snapshot of the final table:

  Player Country Chip Count
Seat 2 Daniel Negreanu Canada 5,070,000
Seat 6 Konstantinos Nanos Greece 3,635,000
Seat 7 Michael Eiler Germany 2,160,000
Seat 1 Luca Cainelli Italy 1,935,000
Seat 8 Bruno Launais France 1,785,000
Seat 3 Matthias Lotze Germany 1,210,000
Seat 5 Martin Hruby Czech Republic 975,000
Seat 4 Andreas Wiese Germany 730,000


Prizes for final table players: 

1st – € 700,000
2nd – € 470,000
3rd – € 265,000
4th – € 175,000
5th – € 140,000
6th – € 105,000
7th – € 76,000
8th – € 60,000 

We wish Daniel the best of luck. 

The Kursalon in Vienna's Stadtpark, the venue for the Vienna EPT


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