Daniel Negreanu Lashes Out Against Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Ray Bitar… Again


Daniel Negreanu Speaks Out ThumbCanadian Pro Daniel Negreanu has been very vocal against many of the wrong doings that surfaced over the past year post poker Black Friday. The biggest complaint stems from the accusations that the main principals behind Full Tilt, known to be respected members of the professional poker community, have fleeced millions in player funds over the years.

Daniel plays under the Team PokerStars banner and is basically the face of PokerStars who were also one of the companies indicted alongside Full Tilt and Absolute Poker on Black Friday, though PokerStars are known to have paid out all the players affected.

Players of Full Tilt continue to wait anxiously for a chance of being reunited with any part of their money, while hopes of a new investor, the Bernard Tapie Group, taking over the brand and setting things right is in the works.



  1. good for you Daniel, i think all those people at the sites knew well before black Friday what could and can happen, i wonder how much $$$$ was pushed to some off shore or swiss accounts..
    good luck in S.A,,

  2. First off i wanna say i agree with Daniel and think he is a great player (Legend)and ambassador for the game.But ….I remember way back when PokerStars first started out.PokerStars did the same thing to me.I won loads of money on their site..and i mean loads.When i went to cash out i was ignored.I e-mailed numerous times and was ignored over and over.I never got my money.This is not your fault Daniel.But your company you work for is no different in my opinion.I had won that money fair and square.I just think people should know that this happened to me AT PokerStars.Sincerely Johnny.C

  3. Good for you sir!
    It’s nice to see a player of your caliber putting it out there and sticking up for the little guy.
    Just here in the small town of North Bay ontario, the effects of this crime has impacted several players I know.
    The dollar amounts range between 600 and 900 dollars and may seem trivial to some players, however some of the players are young in there early 20s, just starting out.
    I know one young lad who was counting on his 900 dollar bank roll to help pay his rent!
    He scratched and scraped all month, his pride level was high, his friends were proud of him and then, thanks to the deplorable old school behavior of people this kid actually looked up too, I watched him slip into a state of depression and dis allusion that almost made me sick.
    You’re speaking out has demonstrated professionalism, honor and integrity.
    So as I stated earlier, good for you sir!

  4. LOL Lost his rent due to Fulltilt? Awwww poor baby. An adult never woulda relied on poker to pay rent if it was the only scratch the cat has…… All these sites are rigged for action, and are a complete joke. Danials ROI is pathetic online as well but yet hes one of the worlds best,Rigged for action is whats wrong, RNG my azz These sites are a joke and the only time i will ever deposit is if Canadian Gov decides to let ONT (OLG) go online and have true rig free site in place. BC and QUEBEC have thiers allready, come on ONT get in the game. and tell pokerstars and the likes to go Fck them selves………


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