Daniel Negreanu Falls Short of EPT Victory


Earlier we reported how Daniel Negreanu dominated the EPT Vienna Main Event and yesterday went into the final table with a very commanding chip lead in hopes of getting a victory and completing the poker triple crown. But it was just not meant to be for Daniel who still had a very respectable 4th place finish which awarded him €175,000 ($246,800 CAD).

When the final table got underway, Daniel had 5,070,000 chips with second place trailing with 3,635,000.

Negreanu’s stack started to disintegrate when he was involved in a three-way pot with Martin Hruby of the Czech Republic Luca Cainelli of Italy.

The Italian who was holding :As :Ad raised under the gun and was called by both Negreanu :Kd :9d and Hruby :6d :7c. The flop came :Ks :8h :5h and Cainelli bet 725k and once again was called by both other players but a :9s came on the turn and Cainelli moved all in. Negreanu showed two pair and Hruby had a straight. With a :5c falling on the river, Cainelli was eliminated in 5th place earning him €140,000 and Negreanu was desperately low on chips.

A few hands later, Negreanu shoved his remaining chips with :Qs :8s in hand and called by Hruby who was holding :Ac :4h. Hruby made then hit his ace to win with a pair of aces and it was over for the Canadian who finished in 4th spot after dominating most of the tournament and managing to bring his overall tournament winnings past $13 Million.

Germany player Michael Eiler eventually won the tournament after a heads-up battle against Hruby. Commenting on his win later, Eiler said:

“I had a few ups and downs but the turning point was when Negreanu busted. He was probably the strongest player at the table and he had a lot of chips. But he lost them when those three big stacks all moved in. That was a great hand for us short stacks.”

“In heads-up I was the short-stack, but I won one big all-in with A,J against A,3. That was important. I was able to be quite aggressive then and never lost the lead from that point.

“To win it with a nut flush was incredible.”


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