Dan Shak Wins PartyPoker Premier League VI, Duhamel in 4th for $125,000


Dan-Shak--Premier-League-VIDuhamel was chip leader at the start of level seven but he didn’t see level eight.

In the first big pot that he lost Sam Trickett raised to 40,000 with A Q♣ he moved all-in with A2♦ for 804,000 and Trickett called all-in for 513,000. The board ran A 5J K7 and despite the dangerous turn card Trickett’s hand held up and he doubled to over a million.

Despite picking up a couple of pots Jonathan couldn’t recover from this, he raised to 40,000 with 9♠5♠ and Dan Shak defended with 7 9.

Q9J♠ flop was checked through and then the ultimate action card, the 5 fell on the turn. “Bye bye Premier League for Jonathan Duhamel,” said Phil Hellmuth and indeed it came to pass. Shak bet 80,000, Duhamel moved all-in for and Shak called. The A♣ completed the board and Duhamel is out in fourth for $125,000, equivalent to his original buyin amount for the event.


Shak vs. Trickett (Heads-Up)

Jonathan-Duhamel---Premier-League-VIGoing into heads-up play Shak had a 1,709,000 to 871,000 chip lead over Sam Trickett, but Sam battled back to take the chip lead. But then Shak went on the attack and on a 2 8 A107 board he made a massive overshove of 1,165,000 into a pot of 200,000. He put Trickett in a world of hurt and the Brit tanked for around 10 minutes. “This is the longest I’ve ever taken over any poker decision in my life,” said Trickett. Eventually though he made the call, Shak showed Q 4for the flush and Trickett mucked10 2 – two pair.

That left Trickett with just 78,000 of the near 2,500,000 in play and it was all over next hand. Dan Shak joins Juha Helppi, Andy Black, J.C.Tran, David Benyamine and Scott Seiver on the Premier League winners list. Congratulations Dan.

PartyPoker.com Premier League VI Final table result

1st. Dan Shak, $450,000
2nd. Sam Trickett, $200,000
3rd. Antonio Esfandiari, $150,000
4th. Jonathan Duhamel, $125,000
5th. Daniel “Jungleman” Cates, $100,000
6th. Tobias Reinkemeier, $70,000
7th. Jennifer Tilly, $60,000
8th. Talal Shakerchi, $45,000

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