CPT Summer Showdown Ladies National Championship Final Table Recap & Results


Thi-NguyenCanadaPoker was on site for Event 2 of the Canadian Poker Tour Summer Showdown Event 2, the $330  Ladies National Championship to bring you highlights of the action.  52 entries took about 8 hours to whittle down to the final table of 9 which included from Seat 1 to 9:

Sally M, 
Thi Nguyen,
Irina Roman,
Brenda Wolbaum, 
Vicki Shiu,
Peggy Malinowski, 
Leanna Curtis,
Tina Morningstar &
Rano Shergill.
Right out of the gates, chipleader Thi eliminated Tina when her 66 turned a set against Morninstar’s 77s, but her momentum didn’t stop there – Nguyen eliminated Leanna in 8th before next KOing Peggy with KQ VS QJ, Thi immediately flopping her king.  A 10 on the river could have kept Peggy alive, however, she would have no such luck, missing her straight draw to be eliminated in 7th. 
When play reached 6 handed action the Ladies decide to throw out $60 each for a $360 bubble prize, putting everyone unofficially in the money so to speak. It looked like Brenda Wolbaum was going to be the unfortunate one to claim that consolation prize with a very short stack, but found a much needed double up through Thi  with pocket Aces.
Nguyen’s next victim was Vicki, who missed a flopped nut flush draw & gut shot with A9 of clubs on a 5x6c7c vs Thi’s flopped straight with 3, 4 off. 
With the action 5 handed, everyone was guaranteed a min-cash of at least $1,100.
It didn’t stay that way long as only 4 ladies remained after Sally M shoved 6s vs Thi’s K10 hearts – with the flop again bringing the king and no six to be found on the turn or river. 
Then, in the cooler hand of the tournament, we seen a 3 way all in to eliminate Brenda in 4th, and Ranoin 3rd by Irina.  Rano held AJ, Brenda A8  and Irina 44 on the A48 flop, seeing Brenda push the shortest stack all in, Rano call, and Roman push over top of her after receiving Shergill’s count.  Her set would hold and almost as soon as heads up play began, Thi bet on a 10,K,J flop.  Irina stayed along, the 3 on the turn setting the stage for both players to put their stacks in the middle.  Thi held Q,10 having flopped open ended and a pair, while Irina turned herself a pair also looking for either the Ace or 9 to make a straight.  A blank on the river shipped the title, trophy and $6,000 to Toronto’s Thi Nguyen.
Here are the complete results: 
 Event 2 – CPT Summer Showdown Ladies National Championship $330

  • Final-Hand1st Thi Nguyen           $6,000
  • 2nd Irina Roman         $3,750
  • 3rd Rano Shergill        $2,420
  • 4th Brenda Wolbaum  $1,550
  • 5th Sally M                  $1,100
  • 6th Vicki Shiu               $360

**bubble deal out of player pocket

Total Entries 52   Prize-pool $14,820

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(photo provided by CPT facebook page)
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