Confusion Looms Over iPoker Network Split


As planned, iPoker’s new network split policy has already taken place on September 1st but for players it has become a source of confusion, with no clarification and a complete absence of communication made by the iPoker network or its owner, Playtech.

Depending on which poker skin a player is playing on, a player is split into one of two tiers (iPoker Tier 1 and iPoker Tier 2).  The requirements defining the division between a Tier 1 and Tier 2 partner were put in place in part to reduce the poaching of players from one poker skin to another and to protect recreational players from sharks. To be considered in Tier 2, a poker room must bring at least 850 new players each month and an active monthly player base of over 6,000.

The rooms in the larger (Tier 2) liquidity pool include Bet365, Titan Poker, William Hill, Poker770 and Paddy Power.

The change affects No Limit Hold’em 6-max cash tables up to $2/$4 and Full Ring tables up to $1/$2. Speed tables are not included in the split. Heads-Up SNGs with buy-ins over $30 and 6/9 man SNGs over $10 are also unaffected, as are all jackpot, promotional and satellite SNGs.

Most players have not realized that the player pools of Tier 1 and Tier 2 sites have been separated because the table names are the same but the players on each table are different.

Some of the smaller rooms have already merged with the likes of Titan Poker because they would not be viable as standalone sites.


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