Chris Moorman Achieves $10 Million in Online Tournament Winnings


Chris-MoormanAccording to reports, Chris “moorman1” Moorman made history as  the first player to break the eight-figure barrier in online tournament winnings. He won a $215 buy-in event on partypoker this past Saturday, earning $9,500 and surpassing $10 million in lifetime career online earnings.

I’m glad to make the mark in style with a victory taking me over the line rather than a bunch of min cashes,” Moorman said on Saturday.

We often hear about live tournament lifetime achievements because they are more easily tracked alongside large live tournament events, but when it comes to online poker where often the playing fields are a lot larger, it is equally impressive to see such large winnings.

Moorman clearly holds the title but there are about 10 other pros reported to be in the $6-7 million lifetime online tournament winnings.

Moorman, who is currently in Mexico is looking forward to working his way up to the $20 million mark.

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  1. Uhhh yea no sorry chris earning millions is real life is FARRRRR more impressive!online you may be playing against the greats but they cannot look into your eyes and call you down! anyways all it take to make over 10 million online is a degree in any computer related field!#notrealpoker

  2. don’t get me wrong its still amazing he made 10 million……but so did chris ferguson(computer program designer/online cheater)


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