Chris Ferguson’s Secret Bank Accounts at Full Tilt


According to Subject Poker, Chris Ferguson has received a total of $60 million over 4 years from Full Tilt Poker, the funds having been placed into bank accounts controlled by Pocket Kings on behalf of Chris.

In April 2007 he received $1.3 million of which $ 400,000 was transferred to his own account and $ 900,000 into other accounts of Pocket Kings. In March 2011 he received a total of $1.9 million of which $ 600,000 went into his personal account, the rest being spread across several accounts of Pocket Kings.

In total in 4 years, Ferguson has collected $25.2 million directly to his personal account and just under $60 million in various accounts he controlled via Pocket Kings, the company that owns Full Tilt Poker. Of the $60 million spread across several accounts, the insider blog writes, Ferguson would have managed to successfully withdraw about $45 million via numerous transactions over the 4 year period. The remaining $14.3 million was used to bail out Full Tilt Poker in the wake of Black Friday.


Ferguson and his lawyer Ian Imrich are trying hard to recover these

remaining funds and in the process can make things difficult for the

takeover of Full Tilt by the Bernard Tapie Group. In the initial

negotiations on the same of Full Tilt, the Bernard Tapie Group offered to

issue $14 million in shares to Ferguson but this was rejected by the

Department of Justice who did not want the former shareholders of Full

Tilt is at the capital of the new company has vetoed.


Since then Ferguson and his lawyer asked to see the accounts to see ho

these 14.3 million were spent by Full Tilt. If they do not get the

accounts, they threatened to file an injunction to delay the forfeiture of

assets FTP until the problem is resolved. The $ 45 million seized by the

DOJ (which include 14.3 million) at the time of Black Friday are expected

to return to Bernard Tapie Group to pay non-US players.


It remains to be seen if Ferguson and his lawyer will turn their threat

into action or if they can even legally file such a lawsuit, and if it

will cause a delay in the takeover process by The Bernard Tapie Group.





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