Chris Bowers Wins 2014 SIGA Poker Championship and $60,500


Chris-Bowers-2014-SIGA-Poker-ChampionshipDakota Dunes Casino hosted its annual SIGA Poker Championship this weekend. The$550 buy-in event was a near sell out with 420 entries and a prize pool that reached $210,000.

This years SIGA Champion was Chris Bowers from Swift, Saskatchewan taking a first prize of $60,500 which also includes a seat to the 2015 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas. The top 45 players were paid.

2014 SIGA Poker Championship Results




Chris Bowers 1st  $60,500 including a seat to 2015 WSOP
Jordon Cosette 2nd $36,000
Trevor Norlander 3rd $22,000
William Mullen 4th $15,500
Mike Smith 5th $11,000
 Joson Topp 6th $9,000
Bradford Bouvier 7th $7,000
Gordon Petker 8th $5,000
Larry Bourne 9th $4,000
Ernest Cameron 10th $3,000
Curtis Compain 11th $2,500
Glenn Armstrong 12th $2,000
Joseph Gray 13th $2,000
Josh Pyette 14th $1,600
Waylon Gibson 15th $1,600
Mitch Pendle 16th $1,400
Kelsey Korchinski 17th $1,400
Chris Harder 18th $1,400
Scott Dyck 19th $1,200
Jody Stone 20th $1,200
Jeremy Thompson 21st $1,200
Marc Caron 22nd $1,100
Jonathon Sanborn 23rd $1,100
Dave Dubyk 24th $1,100
Dean Erickson 25th $1,000
Craig Mortenson 26th $1,000
Nathan Dixon 27th $1,000
Chris Adelman 28th $900
Justin Fideler 29th $900
Candace Skilton 30th $900
Chai Chung 31st $800
Robin Bergren 32nd $800
Clayton Jonassen 33rd $800
Brian Anderson 34th $800
Edwark Cook 35th $800
Joey Deane 36th $700
Michael Grzesina 37th $700
Jason Kishayinew 38th $700
Michael Bajona 39th $700
Jordon Barton 40th $700
Lyle Godart 41st $600
Steven Teskey 42nd $600
Jiusen Lin 43rd $600
Peter Chiu 44th $600
Jamine Coumont 45th $600
Darren Johnson Bubble $500


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