Chanracy Khun Wins WPT Barcelona



Montreal poker player and Playground Poker Club Players’ Club Member Chanracy Khun entered the six-man final table of the WPT Barcelona with the chip lead and managed to hold off his opponents to win it all along with his first major tournament title, $258,448 in cash and a $25,000 entry to compete at the WPT World Poker Finals in Las Vegas along with fellow Montrealer Jonathan Roy in May.

For those watching the action via live stream, what made Chanracy’s victory all the more impressive was that he eliminated every single of his final table opponents on his way to be crowned champion as he added more chips to his already sizeable chip lead along the way. This feat was something achieved  a year ago by Lukas Berglund of Sweden at the exact same event.

When the action reached heads up, it would be Benjamin Pollak from France (1,630,000 chips) versus Chanracy Khun from Quebec (5,840,000 chips) for the title and it wouldn’t take long before the new champion was announced.

In the final hand of the match, Chanracy Khun opens the button, Pollak moves all-in and Khun calls.




Pollak picks up the flush draw to add to his king outs.


Still no joy for Pollak.


1.Chanracy Khun – $258,440, including a $25,500 entry to the WPT World Championship
2.Benjamin Pollak – $162,822
3.Antonio Alfaia – $107,256
4.Tahiri Nasani Hajib – $80,119
5.Bruno Garcia Cotelo – $59,443
6.Sergio Fernandez – $47,813

Congratulations Chanracy !

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