Casino de Montréal Série Royale de Poker Results

Paul Mohorea-1er
Paul Mohorea

The latest edition of the popular Série Royale de Poker just wrapped up at Casino de Montréal this Saturday, September 13. A total of 73 players participated in this $1,100 buy-in tournament to create a prize pool of more than $70,000 that paid the top 7 players. The tournament started at 1:15pm and concluded at 3:45AM.

Here are the Série Royale tournament results.

1st  Paul-Bogdan  Mohorea      $29,745

2nd Abdul Sater Samir          $16,290

3rd    Frédéric Dumouchel      $9,915

4th  Jérémie Bilodeau           $6,375

5th Daniel Leduc                  $3,545

6th Thomas Fortin             $2,835

7th Aytekin Akol               $2,125


The next Série Royale will be held on December 4-6, 2014 at 1PM with a $500 buy-in. There will be three Day 1’s and Day 2 will be on December 7. Registrations begin three weeks prior to the event.

Congratulations to the winners!

Les 3 finalistes serie royale
Paul Moherea, Abdul Sater Samir, Frédéric Dumouchel









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