Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek Chops Back to Back Sunday Million


Just last week we reported how Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek chopped the Super Tuesday and Sunday Million on PokerStars where he earned over $215k. This Sunday, a five-way chop put another $118k in the Canadian online poker pro’s pocket bringing his total career winnings to over $5 million.

There were four Canadians who placed in the final table at the Sunday Million.

Congratulations to the winners!

Sunday Million Results for 01/20/13 (reflects five-way deal):

Players: 7,324
Paid players: 1,080

1st place: stackarn (Sweden) – $164,701.22*
2nd place: murballz66 (Canada) – $95,992.58*
3rd place: bigdogpckt5s (Canada) – $118,154.40*
4th place: francispoker (Canada) – $134,793.79*
5th place: RovoDice (Latvia) – $122,628.10*
6th place: Vzsolt800 (Hungary) – $45,408.80
7th place: dionus77 (Netherlands) – $31,493.20
8th place: Daddddymufff (UK) – $17,577.60
9th place: Somme (Canada) – $11,352.20

*Indicates players involved in five-way deal with $20K added to first place money


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