Canadian Open Poker Championship Event 9 Wraps Up


Zennawi Petros Wins COPC EventThe second major signature event here at the Canadian Open Poker Championships has just been concluded. While it took 2 full days of play to reach the final table, players busted out very quickly and we were looking at a heads-up event after only a couple of short hours of intense play.

Coming out on top is Winnipeg’s own Zennawi Petros who has cashed an impressive $63,000 in this event. With the win also comes the elusive and coveted championship ring. In our interview with Zennie he told noted that “The final table was pretty though. The whole tournament was actually pretty tough when it started off, but as soon as guys wheeled down, it got a little softer in some spots but I had some tough tables and there were some really good players in the tournament.”. In the end, however, none of that seemed to matter with Petros finding his way to the top.

In second place was John Nguen who actually entered the $2200 buy-in event with 100 dollars he played at the local casino. “It all started with a slot machine actually and I won 400 bucks at that. My buddy pushed me to play at the satellite so I said why not… Lets try it out. I ended up winning the satellite and I made it to the final table actually. So I made 100 dollars to 50 grand I believe, so not a bad investment!” John told us with a smile.

We would like to congratulate all the players of the $2200 event, so congratulations guys! Here are interviews with both Zennawi and John.

Also check out our complete player profile on Zennawi Petros.

Exclusive Interview with Zennawi Petros


Exclusive Interview with John Nguen



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