Canadian Open Poker Championships Highlights


The 2010 Canadian Open Poker Championship events in beautiful Calgary, Alberta were certainly packed full of action and featured some great Canadian players and very interesting match-ups. The Canadian Poker Tour was so big this year that events took place across three local casinos – Deerfoot Casino, Grey Eagle Casino and Cash Casino and was there for it all! COPC events on YouTube!

We also invite you to check out CanadaPokerSite, our awesome YouTube channel. There you’ll find interviews from the whole event and much, much more!

Photo Coverage of the COPC Events

Feel free to check out our photo galleries and photo coverage of the Canadian Open Poker Championships. Below you’ll find a few pictures of the highlights spanning all the events!

Complete COPC Event Results

Here are the results of all the COPC events spanning all 10 days of play. It’s all here!

Event 1 Results

Event_1-Day_1 | Event_1-Final_Results

Event 2 Results

Event_2-Day_2 | Event_2-Final_Results

Event 3 Results


Event 4 Results

Event_4-Ladies_Championships Final_Results

Event 5 Results

Event_5-Bracket_Clubs | Event_5-Bracket_Diamonds

Event_5-Bracket_Hearts | Event_5-Bracket_Spades


Event 6 Results


Event 7 Results


Event 8 Results


Event 9 Results

Event_9-Day_1 | Event_9-Day_2 | Event_9-Final_Results

Event 10 Results

Event_10-Day_2 | Event_10-Final_Results


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